Cat cat cafe - A nice fostering game that raises cats ~

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Описание приложения

You have become the owner of a cat cafe from today!
Please buy a cat's baby and nurture it carefully.
Money is necessary for the development of a cat cafe.
Let's hand over the carefully raised cat and earn money!
Growing lots of cats, respecting cat cafe
Please become a nice owner.
◎ how to play
1. Buy a cat's baby
All cats grow from babies!
Because there are babies of various colors, I'm worried about which child to raise ^ ^
2. Cultivation of cats
Please raise it with plenty of affection.
I'm looking forward to what shape I will grow!
3. Deliver the cat
It's a sad farewell time.
Let's care for it carefully because it is raised carefully.
We will report where you handed over!
◎ Growth of a cat
Cats raised with a cat cafe grow in various ways.
The reason is not well understood,
Rare cats are more expensive and trade!
◎ give me rice
Cats have "like" and "dislike" for rice.
Selfish little children ...
But please listen to your selfishness as it is a cute girl.
◎ Illness! What?
It is an important job to keep a cat cafe clean.
When you clean up the cleaning, when the pill is falling a lot,
The cat may get sick ...
I can not do such a poor thing, do you?
◎ Item
We have many items for cats!
Every item should surely help you grow the cat cafe!
Now, life as an owner of a cat cafe starts from now!
Please make it a wonderful cat cafe just for you ^ ^

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