Издатель: KiKA - Der Kinderkanal von ARD und ZDF
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Описание приложения

With this app, kids can explore the world of Kikaninchen. Together with Kikaninchen they go on exciting adventures and design their own animals in the farm-scenary, invent adventurous vehicles and try them out or watch their favorite programs from the TV program KiKANiNCHEN.
The app is not intended as a game, but rather as a versatile toy and companion: playful discovery and trial, stimulating and funny games without time pressure, creative design and music making are some of its main features. An app that grows with the child and allows the child to grow - without any ads at all or content that scare or overwhelm preschool children.
The KiKANiNCHEN-App is an offer for children between 3 and 6 years, which is based on the development status and the needs of very young media users. In close collaboration with media educators, the offer was developed to provide children with a protected space where they can gain their first experience in using apps. The app`s text-free and easy control features are just fine for preschool children above the age of three years.
There's a lot to discover:
- 3 games,
- 6 mini games,
- targeted and changing video offerings from the public television offer of German`s public broadcast television ARD, ZDF and KiKA,
- lovingly and variedly designed worlds: under water, in space, in the forest, on a treasure island, on a pirate ship etc.
KiKA wants to develop the KiKANiNCHEN-App on a high content and technical level. Feedback - praise, criticism, ideas, problem reporting - is welcome.
The KiKA team is happy to respond to your comments on

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