City Bank Robbery - Heist of the Century

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Описание приложения

City Bank Robbery Squad game starts with a police car parking simulation when LAPD reports an ongoing bank robbery message on a radio near the neighborhood you are patrolling. Sooner, this game turns into Bank robber action shooting thrilling game of the year. You can’t wait for a backup team to arrive and you decide to step in to the situation where an armed robbery is in progress by high profile criminals. These criminals are suspects of Baghdad’s worst robbery. Since the central bank is in downtown and is surrounded with commercial business hub, shopping malls, metro stations etc. Its easy for these criminals to get away with money utilizing potential escape routes due to ideal location of the central bank. Criminals have come prepared with planning, execution and aftermath of theft. They are intended to blow up the vault to get an access to the valuable assets.
Game Play:
Group of masked men got hold of a local bank and have kept all the customers, cashier, tellers and other bank staff as hostages. These robbers are well trained and well equipped with advance technology. They have intentions to blow up the entire bank building, if any cop gets near to the bank.
Your mission is to enter the premises without been noticed and gun down each and every terrorist you see with zero causality.
It is the start of the year and all financial institutions are busy in planning funding of 2019. This planning involves transportation of cash from all bank branches to the central bank branch. The local mafia king find this opportunity to score heist of the century in this city bank heist squad - police mafia robbery game. He has divided his forces in small squads of former special elite igi frontline swat commando killer for different tasks and has placed them on all entries of the downtown. The bank caught the wind of the mafia's plan and informed the local law enforcement agencies of mafia's activities. Through their informers and moles around the city police got the exact date and day when mafia was planning to attack the bank and rob it. Police have replaced the entire bank's staff with policemen and moved the cash ahead of time from the bank to another safe house in this expert fps shooter 2019. Police have laid the trap and waiting for the gangsters. Their plan is simple trap all the gangsters in the bank and take them out one by one through the strategy of max shooting and critical overkill strike.
On the day of the robbery facilities surrounding the bank have been secured with snipers placed on rooftops. Trained marksman and shooters are placed at city's important checkpoints and on the outskirts of the town in city bank heist squad - police mafia robbery game. Police officers are waiting patiently for the mafia gangsters and their heist squad. Whole town is looking like a battlefield and an epic war is about to go down in this first person shooter free action game.
Mafia boss has recruited famous wanted criminals, professional assassins, snipers and shooters and renowned gangsters from all around the city who are famous for their violence, cruelty and crimes in this thriller action packed fps game. They all have huge bounties on their heads and are on police's wanted list. Mafia boss have armed with latest weaponry like assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, pistols, explosives, Tasers and bombs. It seems like he was preparing for a full scale gang war to take over the city. The heist squad has reached the bank and the war is about to start tactical battle simulator. As an honest police officer of elite special unit your job is to eliminate all the gangsters along with the members of the robbery squad in this fierce battle shooter game. Do not let a single criminal run away from bank eliminate them all. Protect the bank and the city and become the hero of the town.

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