Mountain Madness Racer 3D

Издатель: 刘定军
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Цена: Free

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Описание приложения

Navigate through beautiful mountains and a gorgeous terrain. Adventure is waiting for you in real weather conditions are fully reflected to your vehicle with all its feeling. Drive various monster trucks on
muddy roads. Engage all wheel drive and lock the differential when the going gets tough. Use the winch to pull your self out of trouble。
The hill driving can be exciting and adventurous as you have to maneuver and drive the heavy monster truck along hills and dangerous vertigo paths. Take care that you canter slowly on the mountain road, avoid
turboprop flight, and avoid the surrounding masts and jacked.
On the treacherous asphalt road, you can rescue Karen, be careful, but when you encounter the mast, press on the clutch in time, do not let the vehicle hell.?When drive monster truck on a sand dune, avoid the
blocky lava and reduce the frisson of the car?so that your car and tires are not destruction.Eventually became a legend driver.
Playing this hill climb monster truck racing game gives you many hours of nonstop coach gaming fun! Playing hill speed driving games have never been this much fun.

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