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Описание приложения

Watch Digital TV on your Amazon Device 24/7
The Air Link TV App is a Prepaid Digital TV service offered by Air Link Communications. Get 100+ channels for only TTD$170 (USD$25) for 30 days. The app allows you unlimited access to your favorite TV channels, LIVE!
Our lineup contains ALL Trinidad & Tobago Channels, your favorite Network, Sports, and Movie Channels in HD (where available)!
The Air Link TV app is simple and easy to use.
Each account grants you access to two screens simultaneously.
Signing up is Easy as 1,2,3:
1) Download the Air Link TV app
2) Contact our Call Centre at 868-609-5465 to subscribe/activate your account.
3) Get 30 days free after the first top up.
Your account never expires, after the 30 days. You have the power to decide whether or not to top up your account to continue the service.
You can top up online at
Visit us on Facebook @Air Link Communications
Email us at
Air Link Communications is a Telecommunications Company based in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. With over 12 years in the Telecommunications Industry, Air Link Communications strives to provide the best quality at the most affordable prices.
What are you waiting on? Download the App and Subscribe today!

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