Orisons of Fate I: The Dark Castle

Издатель: Breithander OÜ
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Описание приложения

Be among the first to play this character and story driven classic offline indie RPG adventure game with roguelike, CRPG and JRPG influences.
Play Orisons Of Fate: The dark castle
[ Storyline and characters ]
See how the story unfolds. Enjoy people with different characters and moods from grumpy guard on nightshift to friendly villagers. Subtle hints, bits and pieces will be revealed though people you can talk to, places you go to and quests you complete.
[ Open-World ]
Travel with your heroes fluently through a scrolling fantasy world into any direction. Talk to villagers and guards to get to know them and help them with their problems. Prepare yourself by equipping your heroes with weapons and items you can find and trade. Explore dungeons, help out lost adventurers, survive unexpected ambushes. Heal your wounds and level up your heroes as you progress.
[ Battle ]
Prepare your characters for active turn-based battle by equipping items, weapons and armor. In battle your characters will take quick turns based on their initiative stats. You can choose to use equipped items or techniques. Or you can let your characters choose their own automatic action. Then they will decide what to do based on their equipped items and their archtype. Heal your characters to be prepared for the next battle. Gain experience points from battle and level up your characters.
[ Graphics ]
A fantasy game that combines prerendered and hand painted scrolling background graphics. You can enjoy good graphics without having the fastest device or draining your battery. Horizontal display mode makes sure your screen will give you more eye sight. Note that the graphics are subject to change and will be further enhanced.
[ Controls ]
Enjoy a usable soft and intuitive re-touch-anywhere-gamepad player control that gets as near in comfort to a real gamepad as it can get. Use your left thumb, right thumb or any finger you wish anywhere and at anytime. Menu's are using intuitive layouts and touch controls. With horizontal display this will switch your phone or tablet into a mobile console. Unlike other games this will give you a firm grip on controls and will be easy on your hands.
[ Support ]
Be among the first players who will get the game at a lower introductory price. Your backing will help add more and improved content to this classic indie rpg adventure game. See how your experience will enhance as the game world expands. More characters, dungeons, quests and storylines will be added. And if you want more: Please rate and let us know what you think so we can take care of expanding your experience!
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