Real Jigsaw Puzzle

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Описание приложения

Gonna have yourself some fun? Killing time with "Real Jigsaw Puzzle" until the morning come...
In Real Jigsaw Puzzle you can travel all around the Earth, watch majestic landscapes, seasons vortex and nature magic, all from the peace and quiet of your own home.
Simply pick high-definition pictures from nearly 200 packs in different categories and customize puzzles by size, piece shape, rotation and background colour.
Real Jigsaw Puzzle also includes:
1. 8888 in - extremely huge gallery available
2. Ability to select the size of the puzzle You wish to work on 12 - 1024
3. Ability to have multiple puzzles available to work on simultaneously
4. Puzzles are completely portable and can be worked on anywhere - even in offline
5. Ability to use your own photos from phone - tablet for your choice
6. Pieces will magnetically slot into place when you get their location right.
For our lovely customers we try our best to add new puzzle packs and actual daily puzzle.
High quality is also allowed now, so you can you it at your phone or tablet with cute 1080p HD Graphics.
Special secret: wanna punish your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?
Cut them from joint photo completing your own puzzle)))
Use your own gallery to take a rest
with your favourite photos or pictures
Our app is also optimized for tablets, doesn't matter you have diagonal 7-inch or 10-inch.

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