Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games

Издатель: Unicorn Games Studio
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Описание приложения

Welcome to the Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games
Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games is one of the best piano games. It is a free music game with more than 900 piano songs ♪♫♬. Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games simplifies piano keyboard into white tiles and black tiles. You can perform piano music by simply tapping piano tiles. With ease and fun, melody and rhythm of piano songs flow freely along your finger touch. A specially made piano games for young people, it is a Magic Piano music games for everyone.
Get control of the song beat - Feel the music as you tap
Explore the game and be the winner of our online piano game challenges with friends or in battles
Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games - FREE MUSIC PIANO CHALLENGE 2019
How to play:
Tap the black tiles.
Tap and hold on the blue tiles.
Tap double black tiles quickly, but not at the same time.
Remember, don’t touch the white tiles!
99 ready to play levels. New piano songs are added every week.
Endless mode. Pass endless mode to get 3 crowns!
PVP and offline modes are provided.
Lots of free coins and diamonds for unlocking new songs.
Bonus Gift & Achievement Unlock
Play and listen
Become a real pianist now! And catch up the trend with this new games of 2019 right now!
With this Magic Piano 2019, even a child can play Piano classical songs like a real piano master.
No special skills needed, all this magic piano game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!
It’s Easy to play for all ages.
Hope you enjoy Piano Music - Free EDM Piano Games Don’t forget to update it for new piano songs.

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