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Описание приложения

*150+ Basketball Skill Development Videos* organized by ball handling, passing, shooting and special moves
*Monthly Basketball Skill Calendars* and daily videos so you can practice and improve your skills every day
*Professional trainers and elite coaches* to challenge your during your practice. We have the best coaches in the
*8 PDFs* To map out specific drills

NEW Skill Calendar each month to follow!

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*Ball Handling* practice stationary drills, on the move, with contact and with objects
*Shooting* practice catch and shoot, off the dribble, on the move and different combinations. 
*Passing* practice drills with or without a partner. 
*Finishing* practice without contact, with objects or without contact. 
*Special Moves* practice special dribbling, finishing and shooting moves. 

*30 Day Workout* Get on the 30 day workout program. 
*5x5 Shooting Workout* Get shots up with our 5x5 shooting program. 
*Complete Handles* Need to work on ball handling? This workout is for you.

*Beginner Skills* Get started with easy & simple videos. Great for those young players and coaches to learn the
*Advanced Skills* Got the fundamentals down? Challenge yourself with some of our advanced videos. 

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*Pro Moves* Learn the same moves that professional players like, LeBron James, Tracy McGrady, Allan Iverson and
other pros have used to become the best in the world.  
*Month of Skills* New monthly calendars to improve one aspect of you or your team’s game. Learn what skills to work
on every day. 
*HORSE* and other shooting game challenges. 

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