Dice Tracker TV

Издатель: Adam Miller
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Описание приложения

Dice Tracker TV is a great way to track the dice rolls for your favorite dice-based games. Watch your roll distribution build as you roll the dice. Dice Tracker TV does all the work for you.

A must-have for all ages of board gamers, this app is great for your Settlers of Catan get-together, or for keeping tabs on your next game of Monopoly. Also a great educational experience to learn about dice statistics!

• Dice roll generator (for 2 dice)
• Interactive, animated, roll distribution chart
• Roll distribution chart offers information on the number of rolls per total, and a delta from expected
• Player indicator to help you keep track of who's turn it is (supports up to 8 players)
• Clean, clutter free UI and is visually engaging

Additional Dice Distributions

Play your favorite games with distributions that differ from the way real dice behave!

• Inverted - Roll more 12's and 2's and fewer 7's
• Stack - Roll a perfect game, reduce chance, and get each of the 36 possible dice combinations every time
• Stack-6 - Similar to Stack, but 6 rolls are discarded. Result is similar to a standard dice distribution with a small amount of chance added.
• Flat - Even the odds. Get equal odds of each available roll total.

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