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Посмотреть историю рейтингов загрузок TV Org: watch iptv channels online + EPG programs в {Россия}.
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Описание приложения

TV Org is IPTV player for live TV streams with advanced features: channel manager (a la file system), Picture In Picture (PiP), EPG support, embedded Web server.

Channels manager:
You can add M3U playlist files (local groups), channels add playlist url (remote group).
You can add new groups, copy, move groups and channels to other local group (similar to file system, where groups - folders, channels - files). Also you can reorder channels and groups.
Use the built-in web server for easy addition of groups and channels.

You can add many epg sources and set the time for download and parsing programs.
App supports EPG in XMLTV format (xml, gz formats allowed) in current version.
All programs saved in local database for fast display the channel programs.
You can set epg source for channel manually in case channel name not found in database.
Use the built-in web server for easy addition of epg sources.

Picture in Picture (PiP):
PiP allows you to dock one channel in right-bottom corner and quickly switch between main channel and pip channel by click to play button.
Pip is in-app purchase feature with 24-hours trial period.

1. the incoming Internet traffic could double.
2. Some OTT providers can limit the transmission of multiple channels from a single IP address.

- TV Org does not supply or include any media or content except some demo playlist with webcams.
- Users must provide their own content.
- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright protected material without permission of the copyright holder.

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