Stupefy - Party Game

Издатель: Nathan Hekman
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Описание приложения

Stupefy is the party game you and your friends/family have been waiting for. It puts a modern twist on games like Charades and Pictionary. You are in the hot seat! For each turn, the rest of the team tries to help you guess a variety of topics. With hundreds of topics to guess, the party will never end!

- Engaging and hilarious gameplay for two teams
- Customizable rules for the number of topics and time per round
- Use the Apple TV remote to confirm or skip a topic
- Beautiful and simplistic design
- Silly sounds and music
- 1000+ topics available for hours of gameplay
- 3 Topic Decks included, plus 3 more to unlock!

Stupefy is a game meant to be played with 2 teams in 3 rounds. The same topics are used for all 3 rounds. Each round is played until all the topics have been guessed by either team. For a given turn in a round, one player from the guessing team should sit with their back to the TV, holding the Apple TV remote. The guesser should click the touch pad to confirm when they correctly guess a topic. They may also skip a topic using the play/pause button. The rest of the team members describe the topics to the guesser using each round's rules:

Round 1: Use words, sounds, or gestures
Round 2: Use only 1 word
Round 3: No words - only gestures

Art and Design by Jacob Cummings -

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