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Описание приложения

This is a simple and beautiful matching game that will challenge both your pattern recognition skills and your strategic planning skills!

* More than 180 levels!
* Available on both AppleTV, iPhone and iPad!

Match the patterns in each level and complete as many necklaces as possible. To pass a level, you need to fulfil the goal of the level before you're out of moves.

The levels can have three different types of goals:

A score goal requires that you gather a given number of points before the game ends.
You earn points for each pattern you complete. The number of points increases with the number of completed patterns in the necklace. The first completed pattern in a necklace will result in 1 point, the second in 2 points, the third in 3 points, etc. You will also get extra points for each completed necklace - the points will match the number of completed patterns in the necklace.

A pattern goal requires that you complete a given number of patterns before the game ends.
The number of gems included in a pattern vary from level to level. The gems describing the pattern are marked with a surrounding white glow. When you add a gem that breaks the pattern in a necklace, the necklace will be destroyed and a new pattern will be created for you.

A necklace goal requires that you complete a given number of necklaces before the game ends.
A necklace is complete when all gem holders in it are filled with gems that follow the initial pattern. When a necklace is completed a new pattern is created and you can continue to build the new necklace.

From time to time a necklace that you are working on will be marked with a star:
If you manage to complete a necklace marked with star without breaking the pattern, you will receive a gift - something to help you pass the levels. If a necklace with a star is broken, the star and the gift will be lost.

There a different types of cheats that can help you save game moves and keep the necklaces intact:

This gives you the ability to throw away the current gem and get to the next one without losing moves or breaking a necklace.

This gives you the ability to replace the current gem with a gem of the type that you need the most.

This gives you the ability to see what gems are coming after the current one. It with help you plan your moves better and make it possible to distribute the gems to the available necklaces in a smarter way.

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