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Описание приложения


Enjoy your Twitter timeline and media on your large smart television set: TV Tweets is a comprehensive Twitter client for tvOS. You can connect your Twitter account and display your timeline. You will be able to browse through your Twitter Timeline on your AppleTV including a slick media browser, video player and many other comfort features.

This application will be able to:

• Read Tweets from your timeline.
• See who you follow, and follow new people.
• Update your profile.
• Post Tweets for you.

Will not be able to:

• Access your direct messages.
• See your email address.
• See your Twitter password.


• Visit or just scan the QR-Code to pair you Twitter account to show your timeline


Stay tuned for upcoming updates. We love to hear feedback from you. Please contact me at or follow me at twitter @innovateme. See full release notes for more details. It is free from my private project. Enjoy!



• CHANGE: Faster timeline refresh: The auto refresh interval for your timeline has been reduced from three minutes to two minutes. Enjoy even more fresh tweets and news.


• NEW: Page indicator when a tweet has more than one media object

• CHANGE: Renamed tab 'Likes' to 'My Likes'

• CHANGE: Removed the snow animation for the next winter season


• NEW: The timeline is now auto refreshed within a three minutes time interval. An indicator displays the number of new Tweets in the top right corner when newer Tweets are available.

• NEW: Your Likes and your Mentions get dedicated timeline tabs.

• NEW: A position widget in the bottom right corner displays the current tweet position with a radial indicator.


• CHANGE: Updated URL shortener for more secure pairing.


• NEW: Season greetings: Have a nice Christmas season and a Happy New Year! Snow effect in the start and settings screen to embrace the holiday season and new year.

Just press the Menu button on Siri Remote to get to the menu again.

• CHANGE: Recompiled for tvOS 12.1


• CHANGE: Scrolling in the timeline now prevents showing up accidentially the Menu Bar to have a smoother navigation experience.

Just press the Menu button on Siri Remote to get to the menu again.

• CHANGE: Recompiled for tvOS 12.0


• CHANGE: Displays the original Twitter error message on already favorited or retweeted Tweets

• FIX: Resolves and issue when a Tweet was favorited or retweeted and no notification message for confirmation showed up

This release refines the user experience: TV Tweets now supports enhanced styling of tweets, including dedicated colors for Twitter hashtags and screen names.

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