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Описание приложения

BattleZone is your go-to destination for MMA and all fighter action -- brought to you by HardKnocks and Unreel!

With 100’s of live events, BattleZone packages the ultimate “must see” entertaining fight night content available!

With a growing library of fight content and showcasing MMA action sports content, we feature the world’s elite and up and coming fight athletes!

Our exciting fan thrilling fights are highly publicized, having been seen on ESPN, Dish, inDemand, Comcast, beIn Sport, The Fight Network and other channels around the world. Featuring athletes such as, Ronda Rousey, Elias Theodorou, and Misha Circunov who've used Hard Knocks as a staging ground for their careers. HardKnocks has produced hundreds of hours of athlete documentaries and live events aired across various broadcasts!

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