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Описание приложения

Media Marquee is your ultimate guide to everything movies, TV shows and the people who create and star in them. Find the next great hit or rediscover a forgotten favorite.

See what movies and shows are coming to or leaving the major streaming services this month. Get the top movie, TV and celebrity headlines. Get updates on movies that are currently in the theater or soon to be released. View current TV shows along with upcoming shows that are in the works.

Use our powerful browse and discovery features to locate movies, shows or people of interest. Limit returned results with easy to enter filters such as: Genre, Rating, Year, Votes, Keywords, Studio, Cast or Crew. Save your favorite searches for later reuse.

Watch trailers, previews and featurettes for movies, shows and episodes. View artwork and stills related to movies, shows and episodes. View movie and show ratings and reviews.

Once you find a movie or show you want to watch, Media Marquee can open it in a related app (where available) or in the iTunes Store to purchase, rent or play (if you have previously purchased). Additionally, you can track movies, TV shows, studios, networks and people of interest and be notified of the latest changes such as recent or upcoming episodes.

Since Media Marquee is powered by The Movie Database*, you’ll be joining a thriving community of people passionate about movies and TV shows. Rate movies, shows, seasons and episodes. Vote in user polls and see the results from other users. Play movie, television and celebrity trivia.

* – Media Marquee is powered by the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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