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Описание приложения

POPSTAR! TV ™ is based on the wildly successful POPSTAR! Magazine which is the third largest female young adult magazine in the United States that has its pulse on what the highly coveted 18-26 year old female wants in their entertainment magazines.
POPSTAR! TV ™ is a WORLDWIDE 24/7 force in quality, ORIGINAL entertainment that no other new television channel can do. This is every young adult female’s one-stop shop for exceptional programming and quality entertainment that is second to none.
POPSTAR! TV™ gives you the CHOICE of how to make the channel work for YOU!
A LIVE 24/7 streaming channel of dramas, comedies, movies, short form internet sensations, and hot gossip!
SVOD/VOD series, shortform, or movies of your choice to watch what you want, when you want!
À la carte - AND sub-license the individual programs to other media outlets in your territory.

POPSTAR! TV™ is proud to offer ORIGINAL DRAMAS each with strong female protagonists set under familiar themes. The new dramas include:
The Agency- Six interns get caught up in the power and greed of Hollywood while working at the hottest talent agency in town where anything goes to get ahead.
The Hyde Effect- A group of bright grad students race against the clock to find a cure to a new disease threatening to turn into a global pandemic. Hannah Jones, building on her deceased parents’ research, discovers a cure, but the side effects are more than she bargained for.
The Most Dangerous Game- The hunters become the hunted in this updated drama based on the famous short story when a group of infamous social media stars becomes stranded on a remote island along with its sole inhabitant who conceived the app they use every day.
The Evil Touch- American college students studying abroad in Europe are stranded in a remote village in which they unwittingly release an ancient evil that the locals have been standing guard over for generations.
The House of Van Helsing- Someone’s hunting down the millennial twin descendants of famed vampire slayer Professor Abraham Van Helsing to settle a century old vendetta between their forefather and an entire legion of the undead.
Witches Brew- Two young sisters learn they each have strange and unique powers bestowed upon them by the greatest wizard of all time- their great-great grandfather Merlin. They find their newfound magical powers can do a lot of good in the world…for themselves.

POPSTAR! TV™ also debuts its original zany with a heart comedy series This Just In . In the series, Liz Sandler is a socially-repressed teenager who arrives at a new school and falls quickly into a group of rather eclectic friends each with their own issues.
POPSTAR! TV™ offers celebrity branded features such as Popstar This Week in which Hollywood young adult experts comment and debate on the current stories, trends, music, movies and more for the week!
POPSTAR! TV™ also has over 1000 hours of programs, interactive videos, movies and much more!

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