Meeting minutes.

Издатель: Lucas Costa
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Описание приложения

Meeting Minutes is an app that came to change the way companies behave nowadays. Through a simple and intuitive interface, we want to solve specific problems which are common to many companies. Problems that occur in a moment that is for sure one of the most recurring, but brings low efficiency and productivity even though it is extremely necessary. Which are the meetings.


Nowadays it is normal that meetings take longer than needed, lack of focus and time wasted with not important and unrelated subjects is harmful to company and the team, because everything ends up having a cost and needs to be optimised.

There are three main pillars which are responsible for a good and productive work environment: Efficiency, Communication and Organisation. Meeting Minutes was designed to enhance those three pillars.


With our mobile application your are able to mirror your meeting on the Apple TV so all of your colleagues can focus on what is being discussed.


Time is money! Because of that out application lets you present mirror your meeting on the Apple TV so you can time your meeting and each topic discussed separately. This will help you manage your time better and keep everyone in the same page.


Throughout the meeting you can mark topics that were already discussed that will help you and your colleagues to keep track of what was already discussed avoiding going back to the same topic.

With Meeting Minutes your meetings can be more efficient, with more interaction between colleagues and more relevant discussion. Stop wasting time with meetings that could have been and email.

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