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Описание приложения

Order Walgreens photo prints from the comfort of your big screen. Ready for pickup in just 1 hour!

• Easy ordering and local pickup
• High quality prints with no shipping costs
• The whole family can enjoy selecting best photos on the big screen
• Get lasting photo prints in an instant

Join our happy customers - more than 20 million photos printed!

Printicular is the simplest way to print. Great for gifts, art projects, scrapbooking or just to ensure your photos are kept safe and sound. Enjoy!

Ordering prints is easy, convenient and quick:
• Select your favorite pictures to print
• Preview your order on the big screen & adjust quantities
• Find your nearest Walgreens store automatically 
• Collect your photo prints in just one hour!

Ordering photo prints with Printicular is easy:
Printicular connects seamlessly with Facebook photos and lets you simply search Flickr for favorite photos. The app automatically selects the print size that’s perfect for your pics. We also help find your nearest Walgreens store based your location. Just dictate your name and phone number. And you’re done! Photo prints are typically ready in under an hour.

Comfortable and hassle free photo printing:
Your living room is a great place to enjoy photos and your TV is an excellent screen to choose photos that everyone likes. Let your family choose the pictures they want to print. Once your photos are printed you will get an email confirmation to come collect your prints.

The best app to print photos - by Printicular:
Download and discover an easy and a proven way to save time printing pictures with guaranteed happiness printing your cherished memories.

Printicular features:
• In app Walgreens store locator to find and print at over 8000+ stores across the USA
• Easy access to all your Facebook photos and Flickr photos
• Print photos and pick up in one hour
• Pay when you pick up

Printicular is also available for iPhone & iPad.

If you have questions about Walgreens photo or Printicular we’d love to hear from you at

Happy printing!!

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