Say It - Text to Speech

Издатель: Pilcrow AG
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Описание приложения

Say it - Text to Speech converts written text to spoken words.
Now available for Apple TV!
▶ Listen to written text, Say it! will read it and talk to you in 35 different languages ◀

What would be better than displaying pdf and other documents on your Apple TV?
To have the Apple TV read these documents for you. In one of 35 different languages!

Easy to use with a plain user interface, Say it! converts written text and documents and spells it so that you can listen to it.

Turn a book to a story, Say it! is able to read ePub as well as pdf, markdown and many more documents.

Say it understands most common file formats as long as it is written text. The Hi-End Synthesis modul pushes Say it! on a state-of-the-art level when it comes to Text-to-Speech.

Of course, documents need to be imported first. You can do that in many different ways:
▸ Dropbox
▸ MyCloud
▸ iCloud
▸ Google Drive
▸ WiFi
▸ Import from NAS, Mac or your PC
▸ This list may not be complete, and may be altered and extended with coming updates!

And there are many languages that are supported, see the list below for details

Say it currently supports (iOS9) UK English, American English and Spanish.
• English (United States, Australian, United Kingdom, Ireland, South African)
• Aarabic
• Chinese (Hongong, Taiwan)
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch (Belgium, Netherlands)
• Finnish
• French (Canada, France)
• German
• Greek
• Hindi
• Hungarian
• Indonesian
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal)
• Romanian
• Russian
• Slovak
• Spanish (Mexico, Spain)
• Swedish
• Thai
• Turkish

Text to Speech is the better the more file formats it understands.
This list is not complete, but should already cover the most you could want.
▸ Text to Speech for PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, Pages, ePub and many more
▸ Text to Speech for complete Website Reading is just another goodie that may come in handy.

Say it! has arrived on Apple TV!

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