Multiply Fun - Learn Math Times Tables

Издатель: Blue Vine Solutions, LLC
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Описание приложения

Multiply Fun makes learning multiplication facts fun!
Facilitate visual learning by presenting key facts in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way. It employs adaptive learning techniques, enabling you to quickly master main concepts without unnecessary repetition. Only missed questions are repeated.

​+ Light animation and sounds keep young minds engaged, encouraged, and focused on the task.
+ Bright colors and large text to promote visual memory.
+ Select one or more sets so children don't get overwhelmed.
+ Check current score at any time and view your progress visually via progress indicators.
+ Choose to reset one or more sets and re-test.
+ Background music and sounds may be turned on or off.
​+ Exit the app at any time and continue sometime in the future.
+ All settings changes are saved to your device.

Music by
Sound: "10 Second Applause" by Mike Keonig,

For my dear son Jacob, who requested this iOS version.

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