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Описание приложения

Start your Australian adventure with Hema's 4WD Maps App. The 4WD Maps app is an offline digital map to help you explore remote locations without an internet connection.

Together with the 4WD Maps offline feature and your device's in-built GPS receiver, you can track your current location along with planning routes by dropping waypoints, and creating track logs of your epic adventures. We've got you covered during your travels!

The 4WD Maps App features all current Hema touring and topographic maps for navigating off-road, caravan and camping adventures.

With 4WD Offline Maps App, you can:

• Navigate offline
• Find 4WD tracks
• Drop waypoints to mark important places
• Plan & create routes
• Record, save and share your tracks with friends & family
• Get access to 70+ preloaded Hema maps
• Get access to 350,000km+ roads & tracks mapped by Hema Map Patrol
• Get real-time GPS tracking


Discover the wilder parts of Australia with confidence using 4WD Maps App featuring roads, 4WD tracks, and topographic information to guide your travels off the beaten track.


4WD Maps comes preloaded with a massive library of Hema touring and 4WD maps that cover all of Australia. Discover major off-road destinations such as the Kimberley, Cape York, High Country Victoria, the Pilbara and Central Australia, in addition to lesser-known 4x4 and touring regions.


4WD Maps gives you access to a wide range of additional map sources through the Memory Map Digital Map Shop. Create your account to view and download a variety of map types for different regions and different methods of travel, including hiking maps, topographic maps of New Zealand and more.

• Add more maps to your library
• State government topo maps
• New Zealand maps


With 4WD Maps, you can track your position in real-time to navigate your journey, as well as record your trail to save your trip and find your way back home again.
Drop waypoints while planning or during your adventure to mark important places, as well as monitor a range of insightful navigation statistics to keep an eye on how you’re travelling.

With the 4WD Maps apps available now on Android, you can explore the unknown paths with confidence.

Note: Without a GPS receiver in your device (though almost all have them), you will not be able to track your location using the app. Before purchasing our app, ensure that location services are available on your device so you can track your movements and position using GPS navigation apps.

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