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Описание приложения

Download MyTelenor and get 1000 MB bonus for your first login into the application.

Мanage your mobile plan and services on the go:

• Pay bills online, wherever and whenever you want by using your credit card or debit card. You can also choose the save card option, issue partial payment and choose recurring automatic payment for future invoices.
• Check your current bill statement and view your billing history up to six months back, instantly from the main Invoices menu.
• Download usage details reports of your monthly bills from Telenor Bulgaria in PDF file format if you have activated this service.
• Top-up prepaid mobile numbers by adding credit via voucher, using a bank card or directly from your account with the most suitable optional amount.

• Receive complete information about your active mobile services, your monthly subscription plan, unique customer number, invoice date and contract validity.
• Activate and deactivate add-ons with additional MB packages and minutes according to your needs, and manage the Telenor digital services that you want to use.
• Keep full track of the remaining megabytes of mobile internet, call minutes and sms, while choosing which feature is pinned to the home screen on focus.
• With MyTelenor app you stay updated on all the current smartphone services, including leasing, Insurance, Upgrade, Buy Back, as well as conditions for an additional device.

• Activate and deactivate roaming services and manage roaming packages with MB for countries inside and outside Europe.

• Find the nearest Telenor office or Telenor shop and look up addresses and opening hours in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and other locations in Bulgaria, quickly and easily from Contacts tab in More section.
• Receive all prompt messages and notifications from Telenor in one place—the inbox of your in-app profile.
• Track the latest promotional deals and discounts in the Telenor online shop. Get easy access to the monthly e-catalog and Telenor brochure, to find preferential offers for plans, smartphones, accessories and services.

MyTelenor application is accessiblе by all Telenor Bulgaria EAD customers with postpaid plan, prepaid plan or business plan subscriptions. Its performance requires operating system higher than Android 4.4 and is supported in English and Bulgarian languages. You can use the app functions over mobile network or WiFi connectivity.

Telenor Bulgaria offers you the customer self-service mobile application free of charge.

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