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Описание приложения

Join more than 1.000.000 users - Your Logo, Intro, Outro, Captions, Subtitles, Background Music. Perfect all your videos in minutes.

Videoboost your stories
With 📹 BIGVU teleprompter (pronounced big view), make pro-quality videos in minutes.
Display subtitles for viewing when sound is muted. With captions, 37% more viewers are encouraged to turn the sound on.
With BIGVU , crop your videos to square for Instagram or Facebook.

Video Teleprompter
Read your script with a smart prompter and record a video clip from the front-facing camera at the same time. Change text scrolling speed, monitor audio while recording video, lock auto-exposure and lighting.

Subtitle Maker
With BIGVU, add automatic video captions and subtitles. Overlay crisp, supporting subtitles as seen on popular Facebook and Instagram videos.
BIGVU automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard with captions perfectly in sync with your narration.

Logo, Motion Titling
Brand your story with the BIGVU Teleprompter. Add your custom logo, and professional looking lower-3rd headline.

Background Music
Add a copyright free music track behind your narration to give an emotional touch to your narration.
Boost audio levels - maximize audio levels when you record the video from a distance without an external microphone.

Intro & Outro
Add a video opener or an animation outro with your business details.

Cloud Storage
Upload your clips to to free up space on your device. BIGVU cloud online video maker to create a video complete slideshow with photos, videos and captions. is easily accessible through a computer with the same user and password.

Online Video Editor
Access from a computer to create awesome videos with visuals, and stunning text graphics. Our online video editor will let you mix your presentations with photos, video shots, motion titling and tweets.

Chromakey - Green Screen
f you record with a green screen background, it’s one tap to replace the green color with any image or video loop using our advanced chromakey subtraction algorithm.

Video Marketing
Download in one click an MP4 video file to upload in Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove, Kaltura, Buffer, Hootsuite, Ripl, WIX, Vimeo and others.

Collaborative Video Creation
- Streamline your workflow - Get your script written by a colleague automatically right in your mobile app.
- Shared workspace - Upload your videos to a shared workspace where others can review, edit and publish the final package.
- Shared Media Library - Organize your brand photos and videos into folders and share them with your team.

Join the best YouTube creators & Instagram Influencers
One tap and your story is posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger or WhatsApp.

More than 1.000.000 business all sizes use BIGVU (pronounced "big view") to make thousands of videos everyday ▶ :
- marketing video builders and consultants
- coaches, teachers, e-learning and training video creators
- sales professionals for product pitches and customer testimonials
- public speakers
- social video makers
- video bloggers (vlogs)
- youtube video creators and instagram influencers
- mobile journalism reporters
- actors recording casting performances.
- human resource managers and job seekers to create video curriculums and personal profile

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Support & FAQ
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