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Описание приложения

Calling! Fat Whale's first game is finally here! Whale Run! I believe it will bring you a new game experience, let's meet in the game! !! !! Slightly! !! !!

Whale Run! Features!
+7 different world themes, let you enjoy immersing in endless joy!
+9 new modes, let you experience the fun of casual games!
+10 different characters in life, telling different wonderful adventures!
+ Wonderful online mode, let's face off with friends.
+ Beautiful animations and game screens, but you feel different fat whale!
+ Is it the loss of morality or the distortion of human nature, letting this fat whale step by step on the path of no return to obesity!

Want to learn about the blue whale experience? Everything is in the game!

The fat whale fell into the Ayers illusion because of the wall, and the whole whale was right. One day the fat whale and his good friend Annie were on their way to buy donuts, and they encountered UFO, what happened to them? The answer should be found in the game!

Finally, pay tribute to SayGames, Juice Candy, VOODOO, Ivy, King。

Like or Whale Run! Friends with any questions, please feel free to contact us through Whalerunning@gmail.com email .

Website: www.whalerun.net

"Terms of Use": https://github.com/whalerun/Privacy-Policy/blob/master/README.md
"Privacy Policy": https://github.com/whalerun/Privacy-Policy/blob/master/README.md

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