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Nepali Calendar date and Nepali news in both language Nepali to English
चियाको चुस्की झै, समाचार को मज्जा!!
In the size of your tea sip

Wees - a Nepali news (Nepali Samachar) app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and provides them to present in a short and relevant and alluring 60 words or less format, personalized for you, in both, English or Nepali . All summaries contain only headlines and facts, no opinions, in size of your tea sip to help you stay updated of the current affairs. Whether it’s the latest government policies or shakeups in kollywood, bollywood, we get them covered and delivered super fast! Get updated with the latest news and current affairs in a wee time!

News not only from terai, madhesh , pahad and himal but whole Nepal
• Explore news for all seven pradesh news - pradesh 1, pradesh 2, bagmati pradesh, gandaki pradesh, pradesh 5, karnali pradesh, sudurpaschim pradesh

- multiple theme - red , parrot green and light
- day or night mode
-Tinder like swipe


News Reader– Read Summaries of All important News
• Swipe news in the size of your tea sip.
• wees are also available in Nepali - Just tap to switch languages in setting section in app
• Original story is just a swipe away!

News Categories - A vast variety in the same app
• Wees curates all types of news and headlines from topics like Nepal, international news, politics mobile and gadgets, education, entertainment, sports, business, technology, health, startups,and few trending news topics – all in one place
• News is sourced from various categories and various sources, making sure that you always get the best
• Get limited daily notifications for the most important news and breaking news of the day
• Place our widget on your home screen to browse through headlines

Wees is the fastest way for you to stay updated with current affairs to get ahead and prepare for competitive exams like LokSewa and other central, pradesh and local government job exams.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Kollywood or bollywood movies stories, Cricket news, science talk or political news - Wees aggregates all of the day’s news together in one beautifully simple, elegantly quick and swipeable interface.

Disclaimer : The App is designed to provide You an in-app browsing experience through an embedded browser. The App does not per se provide any news or content or information; but provides a brief summary of the content available in public domain within 60 (sixty) words or less by aggregating such content within one platform for easy access by You and for assisting You to find corresponding content of Your interest. While doing so we make sure to give proper credits to the sources or websites. The App does not host, display or transmit any content owned by third parties on its servers, unless We either have a license or are not prohibited under the applicable law, to do the same.

Read Nepali news in short, save your time and stay updated with Wees.
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Terms and Conditions for Use: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16dGR0lj4scbCpbBSg0RdjnlcVnpeWhpuoxOtLhIjNgg/edit?usp=sharing

Articles are sourced from various publishers and Nepali news channels like , Ratopati, Kathmandu Post , Outlook, TechCrunch, FilmyKhabar, hamro news ,Ujyaalo, Online khabar, Annapurna post, Pahilo post, Ratopati, Rajdhani Daily, Madhesh news, Swasthya Khabar, Himal Khabar, Image Khabar, News24, Terai News Aarthik Abhiyan, newsbureau, Lokantar, Bizmandu, Setopati, Kantipur Daily , eKantipur , BBC Nepali, Nepali Paisa, Nepal Khabar, Hamro news, Nepali Paisa , Nepali patro, all Nepali Newspapers and many more.
All Nepali news in short for you.

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