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Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games

Издатель: Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками

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Описание приложения

Hello, fans of mystery hidden object adventure games! "Time Trap" got a long-awaited sequel! Explore this post-apocalypse world in all-around locations! New crisp seek and find game for free.

The experiments of the Ring of Time corporation didn't end after the incident in the Abandoned City. Following a mysterious electromagnetic surge, the anomalous zone was transformed into Timeless. It is a unique world where space and time are distorted, but also new opportunities open up to heroes! Do you have an eye for finding hidden clues? Test your seek-and-find skills! Everyone who entered this zone became a shadow of his old self. The only way to escape from Timeless is to put together the Sphere of Singularity! So far no-one managed to gather all the Fragments of the Sphere. Now it's your mission to prove it is possible!

The hidden object game is TRULY FREE, the whole adventure is open to you without any additional purchases - it's entirely up to you to buy optional tools. Play hidden pictures mystery games and train your brain!

Colorful 360-degree scenery, animation, and 3D visual effects will make your adventure vivid and fun. Those with a competitive streak can collect bonuses for speed and repeat the finding objects quest with new puzzles.

Game features:
- A variety of tasks: classic hidden objects, finding hidden clues, spotting the differences, puzzles, restoration of disassembled objects
- Look for hidden items in 360-degree panoramic scenes. Unusual 3D effects and colorful animations.
- Enjoy the exciting hidden pictures gameplay as the "Time Trap" storyline continues!
- Build your collection. Go through scenes again to try new quests and get new rewards!
- Multiple levels with mystery places full of hidden objects!
- Use free hints to find hidden items!

This amazing game attracts players of all ages! Recommend this addictive seek and find game to your friends! The best finding objects games will help you revise vocabulary and have hours of fun!

If you like hidden object adventure games and finding objects in pictures, this game will be perfect for you. If you feel like a quest hunter, hungry for solving the mysteries, you are in the right place playing one of the best seek and find games with hidden items. Search tools help to find hidden objects faster and speed up progress!

Find objects mystery games helps you develop an eye for details, sharp memory, and eagle-eye detective skills. Play hidden object games with a storyline! If you're looking for the best search and find games for both adults and children, you reached the right place!

If you are looking for high-quality really free seek-and-find games, then “Time Trap 2: Mystery Hidden Object Adventure Games“ is exactly what you need! This finding objects mystery game is also a perfect language learning app, cause it is translated into 18 most popular world languages. So change the language in the game and check up your knowledge of foreign languages. Time Trap 2 is a free mystery hidden pictures game and thrilling adventure with an awesome graphics, stunning soundtrack, and a fantastic post-apocalypse environment.

We'll be happy to stay in touch with you at www.facebook.com/CrispApp - make comments, ask questions, get news about coming seek and find games! Look for more crisp hidden objects games with a storyline from our studio! Let the mystery hidden object adventure begin!

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Отзывы и оценки приложения

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185 оценки

очень интересно

19 Апр 2021 г.

Игра Супер. Эта часть игры выйдет на ПК???

23 Апр 2021 г.

Игра классная, только зависла, после прохождения очередной, далеко не первой локации!!!

20 Апр 2021 г.

Первая часть понравилась, во второй части локация перекрёсток не загружается ,интернет есть ,обидно, придётся удалить(((

17 Апр 2021 г.

Отличная игра мне все нравится 💓

18 Апр 2021 г.

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