Xoli's Adventure: Tower Defense

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Описание приложения

Construct, Upgrade, Defend!

Welcome to the widely known genre of Tower Defense games, which you probably already know. If not, the concept is simple: The enemies are approaching, and they will be here soon. You are in charge of the defense and have to decide what kind of turrets and where should you construct to endure. There are no shortcuts. The only way to succeed is to use a correct strategy. On top of common known turrets mechanics we have added customizable battlemechs - supporting the defense with specific features to let you build even more advanced strategies.

Game is designed for players of any advancement – from beginner, to master. It has three distinct difficulty levels as well as three game play modes.
- First mode is called a “Campaign” in which you play through the whole story and get to know the faith of the brave dog Xoli and explore the alien planet.
- The second mode is called "Challenge" and not without reason, as it is designed to make even the smartest players scratch their heads as to how organize their defenses.
- Finally, there is an "Endless" mode. Tell me, how long do you think you can survive?

Three playable heroes are operating their battlemechs. You may upgrade them and customize their weaponry any way you want, just to ensure they are providing just what you need to survive.
You can also upgrade turrets' capabilities in Tech Lab. You may change the addons any time you want. Customize your forces on the go, after each every mission.
There are also Power Items available in the shop – for those willing to wreak havoc upon enemy forces. In case you dislike that, it is possible to pass the Campaign without them – we checked ourselves 😉
If you love Tower Defense, SCI-FI, or simply want to try something fresh, just give Xoli’s Adventure a try. It is free to play and think to win!

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