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Издатель: Monstar Lab, Inc.
Цена: 8.99 дол. США со встроенными покупками

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Описание приложения

"Prisma Illya Alarm 2wei!", the sequel to the 150,000 download "Prisma Illya Alarm". Now featuring Illya and her sisters Miyu and Chloe!
Featuring the new "Motion Mode"! The sisters will move and react when you tap them. Also featuring the "Girls Talk Mode"

All voices recorded by VA Mai Kadowaki (Illya), Kaori Nazuka (Miyu) and Chiwa Saito (Chloe)!
"Over 1000 voices!
Illustrations newly drawn by SILVER LINK."
Enjoy every day with Illya and the others!

* Some voices and illustrations are part of additional purchases.

■ App Overview
A basic alarm function, where you can combine up to three voices.
"Se your favorite Illustration as your background image.
Customize the Alarm to your liking!"

"Set up to 10 alarms.
Ask Illya to wake you up in the morning or to remind you an appointment!"

"Switch between the illustration mode and the motion mode!
Chose your favorite option!"

"In the motion mode, select your favorite character and her costume!
Have either Illya, Miyu or Kuro always displayed in the TOP screen!"
* Character costumes are additional purchases.

▼ Recorded voice examples ▼
Good morning! A new day just started!

It's almost the time but... are you sure it's ok to not wake up?

Good morning! Let's do our best today too ♪

■ Illya and her sisters' [!girls!]
"Listen to Illya's conversations with her sisters.
Dedicated scenario voices and illustrations included."
Features scenarios with either all the 3 sisters or Illya with Miyu or Kuro.

■ Holiday Pack
The Holiday Pack includes Illya's casual clothes alongside dedicated motions and voices.
WIth the help of SIVLER LINK, it's now possible to enjoy animated version of Illya and her sisters.

■ Ruby Select and Sapphire Select
Include customizable voices and illustrations.
Newly recorded voices!
Newly drawn illustrations!

■ Stamp Function
Get up in time and collect a stamp!
"Collect 5 stamp to unlock new motions and voices!
Complete them all!"

■■■ Check before purchasing ■■■
Models that are not part of the [!supported!] list are not eligible for refunds or support.

Android 5.0 and above
* Not compatible with some tablet and devices.

* Using the app on operating systems not listed above is not covered by warranty / refund and support.
* SIM-free devices and cheap smartphones are not supported.

■■■ Important Notes ■■■
▼By purchasing this application you automatically agree to the terms of use described in the following URL.

▼ [!250mb!] required when installing this application.
Please check the available space before purchasing.
▼ Up to [!350mb!] free space is required when downloading additional items.
Please check the available space before purchasing.
▼ Downloading and installing may take some time.
Depending on the connection environment, it may take some time.
▼ When communicating within the app in a bad communication environemnt, there is a risk of data corruption or loss of settings.
▼ Due to the specifications of Android OS, the alarm activation time may be delayed by several minutes from the set time.
▼ Depending on the device you are using, there may be a delay in operation or layout disruption.

■■■ Contact us ■■■
Please contact support via "Contact Us" on the following page.
* Please check before inquiring.

【Support Mail Availability】
Business Hours: (Excluding weekends, holidays and New Year holidays)
Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00

* If you have the spam filter activated, you may not receive emails from us.
Please contact us after authorizing the domain「@monstar-lab-cn.com」.
* If you do not receive a reply after a week, please contact us again.

©2019 Hiroshi Hiroyama・TYPE-MOON/KADOKAWA/Prisma☆PhantasmPartners
©Monstar Lab, Inc.

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