Grumpy Dwarf

Издатель: Odd Vessel Pty Ltd
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Описание приложения

After endless years of doing boring office tasks, the Grumpy Dwarf ditches his job in an attempt to become rich by mining the treasures under his old grandfather's house.

To boldly go... where no dwarf has gone before, and help him to discover the wonders that lie beneath the surface of the earth!

Only you can help the dwarf to stay away from his boring job! At the same time live through wild and crazy adventures with your grumpy friend.

+ Each level has it's own unique theme, enemies, challenges and soundtrack.
+ Randomly generated levels, every run is different.
+ Beautiful pixel art design.
+ Different tools and items to help you to progress through your adventure.
+ Multiple objectives and challenges through the game besides completing the game.
+ Character progression system through house and item upgrades.
+ Unique character anger management system.
+ Fun and challenging gameplay and achievements.
+ Simple and intuitive controls.
+ Distinct end game and objectives.

Progress through multiple levels, each with their own unique theme, enemies, and riches to discover!

Try and discover all the ancient artifacts... Only the most dedicated adventurers will find all of them!

Upgrade your pickaxe so the dwarf can dig furiously, faster and angrier than ever!

Buy upgrades for your dwarf's house to help him chill out a bit! Remember... if he gets too angry he might quit digging and you will lose!

Unlock powerful items to help you overcome the monsters and challenges that lurk deep within the crust of the earth.

Complete all the achievements only a miner at heart will complete!

Enjoy the colorful and varied pixel art you will discover through the unique levels of the game.

Play it with headphones and experience the great soundtrack we have made for you.

Visit our social media and feel free to get in touch for any feedback about grumpy dwarf. We would love to hear from you!

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