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WakuWaku - ファッション・美容・ライフスタイルの無料ショート動画アプリ

Издатель: HelloWakuWaku
Цена: Бесплатно

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Описание приложения

WakuWaku is a free short video platform for those who like keeping up with the latest fashion and beaty trends.

❤️ Find inspirations for new outfits, hairstyles, makeup, and skincare routines.
❤️ Stay chic with easy daily styling tricks.

Why WakuWaku?
✨ Learning about fashion trends from short videos is fast, convenient, and effecrtive.
✨ You can follow your favorite accounts and receive daily updates tailored only to your taste.
✨ All WakuWaku tips and tricks are fuss-free and easy.
✨ Give likes and download videos in a single tap. Revisit your likes whenever you want.
✨ It's easy to share your creativity with others: tell the members of our community about your own styling hacks and make yourself seen.
✨ We believe that every version of you is beautiful. With WakuWaku, you can discover even more of them!

With WakuWaku, you can
✨ Learn a thing or two about current trends.
✨ Feel fabulous and adorable.
✨ Discover lots of fresh looks.
✨ Explore the practical side of casual fashion.
✨ Learn simple and effective makeup techniques.
✨ Master skincare tricks that work best for you.
✨ Finally find your definitive hairstyle.
✨ Learn how to do things your own way.
✨ Revamp your style.
✨ Share your insights with our community.

When WakuWaku?
✨ While planning your outfit for tomorrow.
✨ While re-examining your wardrobe this fall.
✨ While shopping for this season's makeup must-haves.
✨ Before changing your hairstyle or doing nails.
✨ While not being sure enough of your next bold beauty move.

WakuWaku's features

✨ Discover

- Daily highlights
Your feed will be fresh and exciting every day. We hand-pick best videos so you can learn about current trends right from the trendsetters!

- Hashtags
If you feel like exploring a particular topic, just tap a hashtag and find everything WakuWaku has to offer on it.

- Creative crowd
WakuWaku connects creative minds. Interact with your friends, learn from artists and designers, and expand the boundaries of possible with us!

- Recommendations
Our smart recommendation algorithm will learn what you like and offer what you'll love!

✨ Posting

- Share your creativity
Sharing your own creativity in WakuWaku is as easy as one-two-three: record, edit, post!

- Use convenient editing tools
Our set of editing tools makes creating videos easier than ever. Trim, crop, merge, and copy videos without leaving WakuWaku!

- Find your visual style
Change the way your videos look with our filters, effects, and stickers.

- Take a pause
You don't have to record everything in one go. Hit the pause button, think of your next step, and pick up from where you left off!

✨ Community
- Express yourself
Don't forget to like and comment the videos that catch your eye. Beauty is worth talking about!

- Share your joy
You can share WakuWaku videos on Facebook and Twitter in a snap. Spread the word and bring your friends!

Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/HelloWakuWaku

Contact us
Feel free to drop us a line: Dozaemon.Taro@gmail.com.
We would appreciate your feedback!

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Отзывы и оценки приложения

Узнайте, что пользователи думают о WakuWaku - ファッション・美容・ライフスタイルの無料ショート動画アプリ прочитав отзывы и просмотрев оценки этого приложения.


107 оценки


22 Окт 2020 г.

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