Q8Trade: The #1 Trading Experience in the GCC

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Описание приложения

The Q8 Trade application includes a premium online platform for trading in the global financial markets, and offers an opportunity to invest in Stocks, Gold, Oil and a wide variety of commodities, as well as Indices and other leveraged products. Members can trade using an Islamic account on their Mobile, Tablet or Desktop devices; anytime, anywhere.

As part of the investment and trading options, Q8 Trade provides the opportunity to trade local and international stocks, as well as indices, made accessible to traders on an innovative and modern platform for maximum diversity. Futures trading is also presented through all platforms brought to you by Q8 Trade.

Q8 Trade has become MENA’s #1 trading platform by providing an elegant yet intuitive interface, suitable for traders of all levels of experience. Moreover, Q8 Trade won various awards that helped make it MENA’s favorite platform, including the Most Trusted Trading Platform award.

Install the Q8 Trade app now and enjoy a long list of features and benefits, including but not limited to:

Q8 Trade is one of the few regulated trading platforms in the GCC and MENA. Q8 Trade is owned and operated by Al Manara Capital Services, which is authorized, regulated, and licensed by Jordan Securities Commission (JSC).

Your security and privacy are our top priority. Q8 Trade employs end-of-the-line data encryption technology, that will ensure you a safe and enjoyable trading experience.
Your funds are secure in a segregated bank account.

Q8 Trade provides you with the best tools to enter the trade market to help you build the ultimate trading portfolio. Receive information in real-time, and apply in-depth analysis by using the Q8 Trade analytical tools. All registered clients receive a demo account to test out their trading strategies - completely risk-free using virtual money.

Q8 Trade provides you with a growing list of tradable assets including:
-Currency Pairs
-Local Stocks Such As The Saudi Stocks
-International Stocks
-Other leveraged instruments.

Q8 Trade built its app with the user experience and comfort in mind. With an intuitive, clear interface, the app is user friendly and has the following features:
-Bi-Lingual Platform (English and Arabic)
-Bi-Lingual Support (English and Arabic)
-Intuitive interface
-Easy access to the market
-Multiple options to fund your account.

The benefits of trading with an Islamic account with Q8 Trade
-No interest/swap charges on overnight positions
-Secure and intuitive trading platforms with no restrictions, nor any hidden fees
-Instant trade execution
*Trading using the Islamic accounts does not apply to exotic currencies and cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, your trading account will be a portal that gives an answer to “What is trading”, as its intuitiveness will make your stock market investment experience grow. Your trading account opens your eyes to international trading styles that can be far more advantageous on every level.

Risk Warning: Trading in international markets (especially margin trading) may bring you high profits but it has a high risk that may result in the loss of a large part of your investments. Customers must be aware of these types of risks. The customer is responsible for his knowledge of all regulations, laws and rules relating to his investments in the international markets and their instruments. Q8 Trade is a brand owned and operated by Al Manara Capital Services. All references on this site to ”Q8 Trade” refer to Al Manara Capital Services. The Company Al Manara Capital Services is a company authorized, regulated, and licensed by Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) registered under Company national number 200173579.

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