Pakistani Milli Naghmay-Pakistan Day 23 March 2020

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Hot Updates…..In our Pakistan Mili Naghmy app.
PAF New Song 2020 Allahu Akbar | Operation Swift Retort Anniversary released on 24 Feb 2020
ISPR Official Song 2020 Charhta Suraj Hai Apna Pakistan released on 26 Feb 2020.

Pakistani Best Milli Naghmay app is one of the best and most admirable applications for nation lovers on Pakistan Day. This app includes Pakistani Best Mili Nagmay, Audio MP3 Songs, and Bulkiest national songs especially for Independence Day (Youm-e-Azadi), National Day and Defense day. All Pak Military army love audio ISPR songs and rejoice Pakistan's freedom from the worst of all catches of enemies. The Pakistani mili naghma app is self-possessed to show regard for country on all special occasions like Pakistan Day as Independence Day. As a whole this package offers you all songs for Pakistan day and national events in audio mp3 version as desired by nation lovers. All Audio will play with beautiful eye catching and heartbreaking background.
Pakistan Anthem – The first category of national songs in this Pakistani milli nagma app is the Pakistan Military national anthem songs which are the best collection ever. The app consists of Pakistani national anthem, Air force song performed by several artists like Atif Aslam, Uppal Sheraz, etc. You can listen to different type of Army Songs, Pakistani qaumi tarana and Pakistan anthems songs performed on different kinds of mechanisms.
Pakistani National Songs – The other major heads of songs that you can find in this army milli naghma and Jashan -Azadi zindabad in Urdu app is the Pakistani national songs audio or Pakistani nationalistic songs. The Pakistani milli naghmay songs are available in wonderful app collection both old-90s Pakistani Songs and new Top Songs.

Independence Day Songs – 14th August and 23 March are Independence Day and the national day of Pakistan respectively. Also 06 September is the defense day of Pakistan and defense songs are also very popular in people of Pakistan living all over the world. All Pakistanis celebrate the nation play qaumi tarana and sing Independence Day songs and celebrate 14th-August, 06-September and 23-March with full enthusiasm.

Special Features of Top app Pakistan Mili Nagma
• Offline mode audio player of milli Nagma.
• 23rd March Pakistan day Songs.
• Content list for Naghmay.
• National Anthem of Pakistan
• Milli Naghmas of different musicians.
• Audio mp3 national songs

Considering the worth of country, some songs or audio tracks are truly dedicated to Pakistan to stimulate the feelings of emotional public. Pakistan Mili naghmas are the proud part of this country that’s why every important national day is furnished with relevant soundtracks to celebrate it grandly.

The awesome national songs bar are attractive and contains Jashne azadi songs, Pak Army songs, Pakistan day tracks, Independence Day melodies, PAF and Navy songs in voices of classical singers. Explore the national songs collection forever and play world's best songs with audio mp3 player. The app is offline audio player that gives you relaxation without network connection. The songs are delight with back to back images slides. Push play and enjoy emotional tracks regarding Pakistan's special days.
Pakistani Independence Day national impressions are playable even when the access is out. Defence day songs having long title attitude sequences to play one by one in offline mode is the best option in the mili nagmy app.Enjoy the wonderful and motivated songs are preferred with back to back images drop out. Push play and enjoy emotional impressions concerning Pakistan.
Open the best ever Pakistani app and see the long title bearing songs list. Click on any song and play it with your own way, it will give you outstanding audio quality.
Just Connect to the internet for downloading and then enjoy completely offline working.
Beginning of app will display a list of Jashan- Azadi zindabad songs so choose anyone best Pakistan Mili Nagma ISPR Audio MP3 Songs.

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