Сказбука – обучающие игры для детей и малышей 0+

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Рейтинг загрузок - Android - Россия
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Описание приложения

Educational app for kids ages 2-7 featuring games, stories, and cartoons. Letters, numbers, sizes, colors, and shapes! Learn to read by syllable and count! Develop emotional intelligence, logic, and reasoning. Doesn't that sound great?

What makes Zebrainy different from other apps:
- More than 1 million kids all over the world play story games with Zebrainy
- Zebrainy helps kids start reading in just 3 months
- In 2 months they master colors, shapes, and counting
- In 9 months, your child will have completed a full preschool program
- 86% of parents noted that communicating with their children is easier after Zebrainy

The Zebrainy team is made up of teachers, scientific advisers, talented artists and composers, and parents. We truly believe that Zebrainy kids will make our world a better place.

- Best kids and family game, INDIE PRIZE USA 2018
- Best sound, INDIE PRIZE London 2018
- Best art, INDIE PRIZE Kyiv 2018
- Music by British composer Paul Mottram, who worked on the movies Rain Man and Chaplin

Each child is unique.
Zebrainy understands this, and creates an individual step-by-step learning plan:

- Your child's age, gender, interests, and mental flexibility are taken into account
- The educational material is intertwined with stories about the travels of the main character, Zebra. Not all kids games for boys and girls include an adventure like this one.
- Zebrainy analyzes your child's progress after each day of study and creates a lesson and mini game plan
- Your child earns rewards and creates their own collection of artifacts
- At the end of each day, your child can watch educational cartoons
- In the app menu, parents can see a report that shows how their child is doing

All toddler games, preschool games and kindergarten learning games designed for children ages 1 and up have to meet safety requirements. Zebrainy guarantees that your kid will learn safely and appropriately for their stage of development.

Zebrainy offers preschool games for little kids of any age.
If your child is only 2, Zebrainy will create a learning program made up of the simplest tasks. These are our baby games. They start by getting to know the concepts of color, shape, and size. When your young gamer is 3, they are already familiar with the different qualities of an object. At age 4, they learn the alphabet and start reading. At age 5, your child will continue to improve their reading skills. At 6, they start getting ready for school.

Zebrainy technology:

- Artificial intelligence builds and adjusts the learning program based on your child's activity level.
- Zebrainy helps your child master different modes of thinking: empirical, engineering, creative, philosophical, and scientific
- Zebrainy game mechanics engage fine motor skills in the fingers, which helps with subconscious absorption of material.
- The motivation system forms stable positive thinking habits

Skills your child learns with Zebrainy:
- Quickly reach goals they set
- Get oriented in an unfamiliar environment
- Quickly make the right decision
- Build good relationships with others
- Earn money easily

We do not differentiate between games for boys and games for girls. We aim to help all kids. Our brain games in Russian for kids ages 5 and 6 prepare them for all 1st grade subjects.

Zebrainy is the next generation of educational and reading apps for kids!

You can send any questions or suggestions to support@zebrainy.com

Privacy and Access Policy:

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