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Описание приложения

Check your personal finances and get the best mobile banking experience with Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic: Central America´s best digital banking app in 2019 according to World Finance.
Thanks to the new and friendlier design, with Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic, checking your balances, making transfers and paying bills is just a touch away.


Consolidated balances:
[+] Easily check the balance of all your bank accounts, credit cards, saving goals, loans, retirement and investment funds on one screen.
[+] Quickly access the details of your products.

Bank accounts:
[+] Check details and movements of your accounts.
[+] Share your account number easily from the "I Want To" option.
[+] Use the "I Want To" option to transfer money, pay services, share your bank account details, open saving goals and change the PIN of your card.
[+] See recent purchases of your debit card
[+] Check retained transactions.

Credit Cards:
[+] View your recent transactions, and your month transactions (bank statement) in the same screen.
[+] Check payment due dates.
[+] See due amounts.
[+] Pay your credit card using your bank accounts.
[+] Check your loyalty program and your earned points.
[+] Check "today's payments".
[+] Check recent purchases.
[+] Check the available balance for withdrawal at an ATM.

[+] Transfer money from your own accounts to other BAC accounts.
[+] Transfer funds to other banks by SINPE or ACH. (1)
[+] Transfer funds through SINPE Móvil (only Costa Rica users).
[+] Save frequent transfer destinations as favorites.
[+] Share the transfer result through third-party messaging applications (WhatsApp).
[+] Include up to three recipients in the email notification.

Cardless withdrawals:
[+] Use the cardless withdrawal option to generate a secure PIN from Banca Móvil to withdraw money from ATM.
[+] See historical and pending withdrawals.

Contactless payments:
[+] Tap to pay using your phone instead of a credit card at contactless payment machine.
[+] Activate and manage contactless payment option
[+] Configure the credit card you want to associate on contactless payment option.
[+] Manage settings of the phone and / or card associated with the contactless function.

Saving Goals:
[+] Open new goal accounts. (2)
[+] Create new scheduled saving goals.
[+] See the movements associated with the savings.

[+] Check the balance of personal loans, mortgages and leasing.
[+] Pay your loans from your mobile device.

Retirement and investment funds:
[+] Check the balance of your retirement pension funds. (3)
[+] Check the balance of your investment funds and certificates of deposit. (4)

Other functions:
[+] Enable biometric login using Fingerprint.
[+] Make approvals of joint transactions.
[+] Change your Online Banking password.
[+] View the exchange rate.
[+] Change PIN of your debit or credit cards.
[+] Contact us via WhatsApp by accessing the "More" menu.
[+] Contact us through "Call customer service".
[+] Toggle language between Spanish and English.
[+] We want to hear what do you think about the App! We've added a link for you to send us comments or suggestions.

(1): Coming soon for El Salvador.
(2): Except for El Salvador.
(3): Only for Costa Rica and Honduras.
(4): Only for Costa Rica.

Requirements for optimal operation:
[+] The new Banca Móvil version requires Android 6.0 or higher.
[+] It is important to have the latest version of the "Google Chrome" app installed and updated.
[+] Admission to Mobile Banking requires a username and password.
If your device is not compatible, you can use from your web browser.
If you want to suggest improvements, write us at
If you are enjoying Banca Móvil, please help others enjoy it as well with a 5-star review.
Thank you!

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