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Email Aqua Mail - Exchange, SMIME, Smart inbox

Издатель: MobiSystems
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками

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Описание приложения

Aqua Mail is everything you need from an email client. Smart, secure, and super customizable, our Email app helps you connect and manage multiple email accounts from one fast, reliable mailbox with complete transparency and control over your privacy.

Whether it’s Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, Outlook, AOL, or Exchange, Aqua Mail supports any major email provider and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox.

“One of the best email apps of 2021” according to Tom’s Guide and Lifewire.

Available in 20 languages, Aqua Mail provides seamless inbox management, effective support and frequent monthly updates, focusing on quality and performance. The user interface is intuitive and practical, built for Android smartphones and tablets.

Security and Privacy are top priorities. Aqua Mail does not collect and store your passwords, emails, or private messages content. Our email client uses the more secure OAUTH2 login method when adding Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Yandex accounts. Extra layers of security are provided with the latest encryption protocols - SSL hardening, SSL certificate tracking, and DKIM and SPF validation. All to make your incoming messages more trustworthy.

Combining all necessary and intuitive features to organize your inbox, Aqua Mail is the most customizable email client for personal or professional use on Android mobile phone and tablet. It gives you the powers to easily operate your entire mail communication. Connect with colleagues, prospects, friends or family from all accounts on one app and stay on top of your busy day.

• Manage accounts and mail receiving - adapt the app to your daily routine and style.
• Look and feel settings - smart tweaks for better user experience such as swipe function, quick select all, press volume keys to adjust text size, and many more.
• Rich text editor - fonts, colors, attachments, quoting customizations, and more styling and formatting choices when composing emails.
• Four available Themes, including Dark Theme - choose your eye-friendly alternative.


• Smart folder - unify all messages from different accounts and manage the order of appearance by type, time, or date. Decide what message elements to display - such as account and folder names.
• Contacts and Calendar synchronization for Exchange and Office 365 - compatible with any Calendar app or widgets.
• Home screen widgets - check your priority emails at a glance - Smart Folder preview, Message counter, Text to speech, Quick compose.
• Android Wear Smartwatch integration - go through your emails directly from your wrist and reply via voice input.
• Save your emails as PDF for further use or print them directly from the phone.
• Unique Signature support - attach a different signature to each mail account (including images, links, and text formatting, HTML signature).
• Back up and restore settings - via popular cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Google Drive, or a file.
• Battery saving options, including nights and weekends mode.


• Manage unlimited accounts
• End-to-end Encryption - use S/MIME certificates to send/receive signed or encrypted emails and prevent phishing threats and data leaks
• Push for Exchange - immediate email delivery for corporate email
• Email identities - use unlimited aliases per account
• Move messages between folders
• Open & Save EML files
• Priority notifications
• Delete folders
• Remove the Aqua Mail promo signature in outgoing messages
• Remove ads

Aqua Mail works with multiple third-party apps such as Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Tasker and more.

OS REQUIREMENTS: Android 5 or higher

CONTACT US: If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions please contact us directly at support@aqua-mail.com

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"загрузить всё", "сохранить всё" - не работает ни то ни другая функция... Насчет последней весии: Раза в 4 стала дольше грузиться Умная папка. Других изменений пока не заметил. Версия платная. Откатил на 1.30.1. Хорошо что нашлась... Будем ждать лучших времён. Что касается техподдержки.... Когда в с…

18 Окт 2021 г.

Дурацкое приложение. Требует денег, и нет никакой кастомизации. Ненавижу, когда решают за меня

22 Окт 2021 г.

Приложение отказывается вложить документ PDF в отправляемое письмо. Только изображения. Танцы с бубнами в настройках ничего не принесли. Телефон Redmi 9. Все разрешения предоставлены.

18 Окт 2021 г.

Отвратительное приложение, постоянно перестаёт загружать входящие сообщения. Для этого приходится переустанавливать приложение

19 Окт 2021 г.

Что случилось? Невозможно переслать открытые файлы (вложения). Приходится извращаться и предварительно сохранять во временную папку.

21 Окт 2021 г.

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