1000 Swipes Trivia - Quiz Game

Издатель: Baljeet Singh
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками
Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения

A very unique reaction based trivia game which is fun to play and educational at the same time. 11 fun categories, challenging leaderboards, 44 achievements – ultra-exciting trivia for all! From general knowledge quiz questions, to animal trivia and geography and chemistry questions, you will really be challenged with this exquisite game.


The crazy fun and upbeat trivia knowledge test swipe quiz game is very enjoyable to play:

* A simple question in the middle, one option on top and another on the bottom.
* Swipe Up or Down for the correct answer (before time runs out).

It’s a combo: packed with Entertaining and Educational levels. You will feel the difference when you play it once. Fun swipe tap trivia general knowledge quiz that will be amazingly fun and excellent quiz game to play with or against your friends, family, kids, parents. Guess you’ve never knew that a quiz game can be so fun & interesting.


1000 Swipes Trivia takes full advantage of Game Center integration. This general trivia can give you the opportunity to become the ultimate knowledge champion.

For added versatility & entertainment, there are 11 leaderboards and 44 achievements. Feel the excitement as you swipe and give correct answers.

Compare your scores with your friends. Check World Rankings. Challenge each other on individual level basis.

~ 11 Amazing Levels:

* The America - everything from state nicknames, national parks to USA politics
* Pick Five - you pick 5 favorite topics and we will create a quiz for you
* True Or False - not your typical true false game, this one is more challenging
* Common Sense - basic general knowledge questions, get smarter and faster
* English Vocabulary - synonyms and antonyms, improve English Vocabulary
* World Geography - border states, continents, capitals (learn world geography)
* Math Equations - very simple maths equations, algebra, suitable for kids
* Animal Kingdom - reptiles vs mammals vs insects, compare animal characteristics
* Remember People - actors vs athletes vs politicians, personality quiz (this vs that)
* Extreme Chemist - atomic number, symbol, group, period (learn chemistry symbols)
* Brand Names - McDonald’s vs Toyota vs Cavaliers vs IBM, company logo/brand guess


You score 1 swipe for each correct answer and can unlock jump-starts as the following:

* Alpha Jump - 10 Swipe Jump-start
* Bravo Jump - 50 Swipe Jump-start
* Charlie Jump - 100 Swipe Jump-start
* Delta Jump - 250 Swipe Jump-start

Let’s start swiping now!

Can you reach 1000 Swipes?

Good luck.

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