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Описание приложения

Download the ABANCA app and start enjoying the advantages of mobile banking. Access services such as ABANCA Cash, Aplázame or ABANCA Bills and use your cell phone for your daily banking (check your balance and your latest transactions, make wire transfers and funds transfers, etc.). In addition, all your personal finances will be just a click away (your insurance,investment funds, pension plans or securities accounts).

Whenever you want. Wherever you are. Because there are 122,586 things better than going to the bank, manage your savings and expenses in the easiest and quickest way using Mobile ABANCA. We want you to have your bank always with you. Do you want to know all you can do with your mobile banking?

• Check your balance and the last movements in your accounts and cards.
• Make wire transfers and fund transfers within seconds.
• Make immediate transfers to any bank in Europe (if the destination bank supports these operations).
• Save your favorite transactions and they will be one click away.
• Activate the notifications that you wish to receive from the transactions of your accounts, cards, securities...
• Check your benefits within the "Zero fees" program.
• Pay your bills by taking a photo, and view or return them with a click
• Get money from your mobile in more than 12,000 ATMs with Abanca CASH. Or send it to whomever you want;). You can also do it with Siri.

• Just one click to turn your cards on and off. Easily manage the loss of your card.
• Change your limit in ATMs, shops and the Internet or ask for your PIN without visiting any bank branch.
• Download expense reports where you can see in a clear and summarized way how you are using your money.
• Use your cell phone to organize your purchases and pay in installments, both in physical and online stores, with APPlázame.
• Transfer money from your credit card to your account and choose how many installments you want to pay back.
• Transfer money to your account, or from your account, whenever you need to.
• Create virtual cards so you can pay online without having to provide the details of your actual card.
• Apply for the card that is most suitable to your needs

• Contract your insurance flat rate and, if you already have it, add the insurances you have contracted.
• Contract the on-off insurance in your mobile banking and you will be able to turn on, turn off and program the coverage of your insurance as needed and pay only the days you use it.
• View all your insurance policies, your payment methods and a summary of the insurance coverage.
• Contact your insurance company directly in the event of an accident.
• View and modify the charge account for an insurance policy
• View the last bill you have paid and request a copy or change your charge account.
• Increase the sum insured with regard to the premises and contents covered by your Home insurance.

• Buy and sell securities and investment funds whenever and wherever you want.
• Find out about your investments’ evolution.
• Check quotes and market information (BME, Reuters, Qbitia) 
• Make contributions to your pension plan.


• Now you can become a client of ABANCA and open an account with just the app and your ID
• Find the nearest branch and make an appointment quickly.
• Enable the “Mobile Secure Access” if you want even more security.
• Always have your documentation available in your Correspondence.
• Change your access PIN code, so you can easily remember it.
• If you have iPhone 5S or later, you can now access by using your fingerprint!
• View and update your email address and phone number in your profile

You are the one who can best help us to keep improving. If something did not work as you would like, please write to bancadistancia@abanca.com

Thank you for your trust in ABANCA

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