AndruinoApp - Arduino IoT

Издатель: Andrea Scavuzzo
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Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения

Andruino App is a wired and wireless home sensors for iPhone.

Buying a low cost Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform, you can control all what you want in your home simply connecting Arduino board to ethernet plug.

Andruino is the first App in which you can drag&drop the sensors/controls over your real home map.
Zero Configurations: Andruino doesn't require router configurations (new client mode connection)

You can connect whatever analog/digital sensors on hardware board and Andruino App communicates with them, displaying in real time the room temperatures (C°/K°), the lights/plugs power consumption (Watt), the kitchen humidity (%), opened doors, and any other informations that comes from your home.
You can switch ON/OFF relays, control PWM outputs, and create pulses.
You can store the sensor behavior in a database displaying it on a graph.

Andruino is 100% customizable:
• Works also without internet connection in direct mode (LAN or without router using access point).
• Works also through 3G/4G
• Maps: home map can be uploaded from camera roll. Size and zoom can be modified. Sensors/controls can be resized.
• Ambients: different Arduino board numbers can be managed with Andruino Ambients. You can manage different boards simultaneously (also connected to different networks)
• Wireless: supports NRF24L wireless modules
• Sensor configuration: measure unit, mathematical formula, number of decimals can be managed according to the sensor requirements. Each sensor/relay can be full configurable (both analog/digital/pwm). No sensor/controls limit number (wired and wireless).
• Input events: Low/high limits can trigger visual alarm, push notifications and output activations.
• Arduino can send real time Push Notifications when an event is triggered and/or a limit is reached. You can control your sensors also when AndruinoApp is closed. A notification with all the sensor details will rise on your iPhone (Push notifications are sent also when Andruino-App is closed)
• Power-up and power down notifications.
• The digital outputs can be triggered when a limit is reached. This option can be used to activate a relay when a temperature is reached. The activation can be triggered by any analog/digital/variable resource.
• Graphs: Each sensor can be plotted on a graph. Average/Max/Min value are calculated. You can see the trend of the sensors, such as a graphic display in the temperature of the last two weeks, months or days (data logger function).
• TIMERS: each output pin can be configured with a timer to switch on at desired time (hour, minute, repeat day) and with a specific duration (0 to 18 hours). The time is synchronized every time AndruinoApp is connected and the clock is done using simply using the Arduino internal oscillator (no RTC is required).
• Output temporization: all Arduino outputs PIN can be temporized (from 1 sec to 18 hours)
• Predefined sensors: DHT22, Dallas DS18B20, current sensors etc, have predefined settings with detailed informations used to simplify the electrical connection and configuration.
• Data communication: HTTP POST JSON data-interchange format used to communicate over ethernet. Network access restricted with username and password.
• Supported Arduino boards:
• Arduino Mega 2560 or compatibles with Mega 2560 AVR.
• ESP8266 as Wifi shield
• NodeMCU standalone board (32bit MCU with WiFi integrated)
• SonOff standalone board: basic SOnOff, TH10, S20
• Nucleo 64/Nucleo32 - (STM32 MCU 32bit ARM). It is recommended.
• Arduino firmware is open source, you can download it from Andruino website support (firmware page). You can add new features, improve it as you want.

Visit the website for more details:

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