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История рейтингов приложения

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Описание приложения

Do you want to learn medicine more easily?

BioMap is the Google Maps of medicine, an online platform that lets you navigate the digital map of the human body in its dynamics, visualizing elements of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and interventions.

BioMap is the tool for changing the way of learning for medical students all over the world. It's a technology that assists modern doctors in discussing with their patients and the application that greatly facilitates the efforts of university professors.

- 3D view of any element of the human body
- Anatomy, physiology, pathology, interventions
- Functions for each stage of your medical career
- Animations and interactive presentations
- Virtual Dissection with one click
- Add notes
- Edit and save 3D models with custom changes
- Customized virtual presentations
- Available in Romanian and English

BioMap is an ambitious project in many ways. With vision for the future, with a performance-oriented perspective in education and passion for technology, BioMap is a unique project, designed to find the best solutions where technology intersects with education.

The BioMap application was created in partnership with BioDigital, Inc., a New York-based company in the United States of America. The accuracy of 3D models is guaranteed by BioDigital Inc., with the support of the internal medicine team and certified medical illustrators, and with the support of consultants at the NYU School of Medicine and John Hopkins School of Medicine. The accuracy of the information in Romanian is guaranteed by BioMap's internal team, part of the Marsilian - with 5 years experience in the field of online education.

The BioMap 3D models have been developed over 14 years, contain over 8,000 3D objects and are based on body images, dissection photos, anatomy atlases, reference studies, and radiological images, CT or MRI.

Our 3D models include both anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as interventions. In addition, the models include animations and virtual tours describing, for example, cancer metastases, serum composition or the atrial flutter.

Visual dynamic learning provides support for an understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and treatments in a clearer and clearer way.

"If the illustrations in Netter or Harrison were a car, BioMap would be a space rocket."

The most important thing in medicine is to understand all those various concepts. One of the great minds of our century, Elon Musk, was asked in an interview how he manages to tackle knowledge from such diverse fields. He answered, "I learn the basics perfectly. Knowledge is like a tree, and the roots need to be as solid as possible." BioMap is here to help you understand medicine easily and make logical connections that you will never forget.

Try BioMap now!

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