Butterflies of the World - A Butterfly App

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Описание приложения

Butterflies of the World - A Butterfly App is a member of the World Life Forms family of products designed to provide easy to use, powerful tools for accessing images and information of the world's diverse life forms. With over 3000 life forms (counts by family are below), eMothsW can serve as a reference tool for entomologists, educators and students. The life forms are accessible by common name, latin name and taxonomy. Each life form is presented with an image, a textual description, and it's taxonomy tree. Maps are also included for many of the life forms. A free sampler, eLifeFormsW - A Search Life Forms Sampler is available for free download and review. We strongly recommend all interested customers download and sample the demonstration version before buying our paid for products. This "try before you buy" policy allows for interacting with the user interface, content sampling and overall review of the presentation. As regular users of wild life reference materials, we believe our products are best positioned as a supplement to the field guides, software identification tools, atlases and other animal and plant life compendiums and not a replacement

Latin Name English Name Counts

Arctiidae - New World Tiger Moths - New World 29
Brassolidae Owl Butterflies 56
Cossidae Moth - Carpenter 1
Danaidae Milkweed Butterflies 178
Heliconidae Bow Wings 123
Hesperidae Skippers 27
Ithomidae Clear Wings 62
Lasiocampidae Tent Caterpillars 3
Lycaenidae Blues and Coppers 82
Lymantriidae Tussock Moths 2
Morphodae Morpho Butterflies 86
Nemeobidae Riodinidae 25
Noctuidae - Neotropical Underwings - South America 82
Nymphalidae Butterflies -Brush Footed 659
Papilionidae Swallowtails 728
Pieridae Whites & Sulfurs 307
Saturnidae - Nearctic Silk Moths - North American 353
Satyridae Butterfly - Browns 135
Sphingidae Moths - Hawk Or Sphinx 312
Tortricidae Tortricid 2
Uranidae Moths - Day Flying 10

sphynx butterflies moths buterfly buttefly

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