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Описание приложения

Calcoliner, the classic desktop calculator revisited, with a lot more!

Core strength of the App is the virtual 'paper tape', realistic and feature rich.
Calcoliner uses it to display each calculation and comment in a very intuitive and practical manner.

The roll can be scrolled and expanded at your convenience to allow for a comfortable view of the calculations.

Automatic saving of data allows for keeping in a permanent way all calculations in progress for further reviewing and completion.

Textual comments can be added to every operation. It comes very handy where you need to manage a number of variable expenses and you don't want to miss anything. An ideal feature for expense reporting!

Calculations can then be selected and sent via email or even printed via AirPrint.
Every single figure printed on the roll can be retrieved and sent back to the display to be used again for new calculations.

Calcoliner offers two different switchable ‘calculation modes’:

DIRECT MODE: every operation is evaluated as it is entered.
EXPRESSION MODE: every operation is evaluated according to arithmetic precedence.

In Direct Mode % and Delta % operations are possible whereas in Expression Mode mathematical notation with parenthesis is fully supported.

The ability to let group of calculation performed in the two above modes to co-exist in the same ‘paper roll’ is an exclusive feature of Calcoliner.
Operators use different colors to highlight actual mode in use.

Other features: Memory store and recall; Computation can be processed with truncation of decimal figures and rounding.

Language localization available in English, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Please visit dedicated site at for further info.

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