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Careem - Rides, Food, Delivery

Издатель: Careem
Цена: Бесплатно
Совместимость: iPhone

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Описание приложения

Step into a world where you can get everyday needs done on one app! Book a ride, order food from restaurants or groceries from shops and recharge your mobile balance all with online payments.

With one single login, you can discover all your local services all in one place, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter most. And there’s more! Explore our loyalty program Careem Rewards, a world of discounts on rides and food, as well as offers from partners, donations to charities and more. Wondering about points? Earn them simply by using the services you need.

Here’s a sneak peek of all the services waiting for you*

Book a ride now or schedule a pick up for later with affordable and comfortable car types - including city-to-city*, local taxi service* bus and bike options*. No need to worry about car rental, we’ll get you to where you need to be, hassle free!

Order food to your door from over a thousand restaurants and track your delivery in real time. Choose from neighborhood bests, international hits and more. You can now easily access your Careem NOW delivery app in the Careem Super App, too.

All out of eggs and milk every weekend? Need a Panadol for a headache right now? In a few taps, shop your daily essentials, health and personal care items and specialty items from a variety of places.

Whether documents, a parcel delivery for a loved one or items from a shop of your choice, get it picked up or purchased and delivered on demand with our courier service. Tell us what you need collected, where from and we’re on it right away.

Careem Pay
A unified, safe and secure online payment system for all Careem services that also lets you make other frequent payments!

At Careem, we care about your everyday needs, so we’ve brought together essential, everyday services in one place, easy to reach at one tap. They’re tailored to your local needs, so you’ll be able to get right to the services that are important to you. In the end, you can get back to doing what you care most about in life, leaving the daily tasks to us.

* service availability varies per location

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327 оценки

App UX is bad - Uber Eats must be back

After Uber Eats app or even old Careem app new app is horrible. It’s so slow now only because you have to go though additional steps but also app performance itself. Can’t use it anymore. Please bring normal Uber Eats back!

22 Авг 2020 г.

Failed to deliver without a notice

Made an order and it was never delivered. I was waiting for more than an hour for the order and eventually found out that Careem’s system was out. No one have heads up. No one called. It was just a statement when I reached out them. Will never ever use their service again!

19 Авг 2020 г.

Very disappointed

Me and my husband living in different countries. With Uber eats I was ordering some tasty surprises to my husband and all went well. I am not in Dubai. But now I can not do it because this app not allowed me because in the country I am they do not provide services and always asking to turn on my location! STUPID!!!! Thank you for not helping but ruining any surprise I might organize for my husband!!!!! Very supportive NOT to be able to order even food for my husband during pandemic! This is how you break families!!!!!

24 Авг 2020 г.


Worst app which doesn’t care and doesn’t protect clients. The driver slapped me and they did nothing

27 Окт 2020 г.

No info about canceled food order

You can wait more then 1 hour and find out that your food order is canceled without a notification. So you need to call a Careem to know the details. It is second time I have this situation. Why not to make a notification or a call from a restaurant? Bed serviceA person online told the service is working so I reordered . But I waited one more hour to know without notification that my order is canceled third timeNever will use your service again

19 Авг 2020 г.

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