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Rise of Queendom

Издатель: Wish Interactive Technology Limited
Цена: Бесплатно со встроенными покупками
Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения

The 1st Anniversary is around the corner, with winter display, new hero Li Bai and more. Come & join the celebration to win exclusive rewards. Let's continue the royal romance.

Royal Heirs - Parenting Like a Queen
Good news! Heirs are live now! Look how adorable they are! It is never easy to raise kids but witnessing their grow-up will be super sweet for sure. Are you prepared to welcome your new family members?

Stylish Costumes - Dress up Like a Queen
Cute, sweety, or mature...collect all styles costumes and enrich your royal closet by completing quests. Make up, hairstyle, jewelry, accessory... all in your own style.

Intriguing Storyline - Experience Like a Queen
Legend continues. Make choices and control your destiny. With dual narrative to unfold how the story goes. The intriguing plots and distinctive NPCs will affect your heart in every way. Experience a queen's rise in this playable harem drama.

Delicate Scene - Shine Like a Queen
The elaborate scene and view in the game relive a vivid ancient palace world across thousands of years. The exquisite structures and lively imperial gardens will bring you back to the royal age. Every angle is different scenery and worth exploring. It's not only a visual feast but also a stage for you to shine.

Sweet Home - Live Like a Queen
Interact with other players in various casual games and build a fancy mansion. Simulate a real queen's life and make friends with real players. Live a different royal life in your own queendom!

Royal Romance - Embrace Like a Queen
Your destined one is right in the Queendom. The special marriage system provides you a chance to enjoy the royal relationship. Dating, sending flowers, and couple interaction, embrace a queen's love affair with the ONE.

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Отзывы и оценки приложения

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237 оценки

Good overall

There are A few things that would make this game better, the main dialogue needs a tweak it’s hard to understand when it uses improper verbs and nouns. Someone should go through and redo the main dialogue. And there’s no option to restart your game which is infuriating.

10 Дек 2020 г.

Love the bit...

Hi I LOVE this game when I first got it I was so excited about it. Also when I played the game it had so much detail, but there are two things that bug me, I had to delete the game because it was taking space and when I updated my phone, I re-download the game and when I did I went on my saved profile, but when I played it re started me! All my hard work was erased. So maybe you can fix that but also when I first played I immediately fell in love with the emperor, but you can’t fall in love with him. So I was thinking maybe you can make sure that when people play Rise of queendom, people should have a choice to fall in love with the emperor. So I know you probably can’t fix that but I just wanted to tell you because it was bugging me.

5 Дек 2020 г.

Love the game!

Love it

16 Дек 2020 г.

Love it!

I love this game and I have been obsessed with it since I first played it. Love it and would definitely recommend. I saw some people saying that progress gets deleted but it seems fine for me so maybe they fixed it??? Either way, if you want to play it for the fun and experience, go ahead but beware that some people say that the progress get deleted. Personally, it’s been perfect so yayyy!

16 Дек 2020 г.


I find it so infuriating that a simple tasks like RESTARTING is so dang hard. Fix

3 Дек 2020 г.

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