Fiji Airways

Издатель: Air Pacific Limited
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Описание приложения

Your Fiji experience starts here! Onboard Fiji Airways, you’re not just a seat number, you’re part of our extended Fijian family. With booking, check-in, flight status, real-time notifications and more, the Fiji Airways app puts your next adventure right in the palm of your hand. We’ll be adding plenty more exciting features in the near future but for now, check out the many ways in which your new travel companion can transform your next trip.

Explore all Fiji's National Airline has to offer while on the move and book with ease

Seamlessly check-in for your flight and receive your mobile boarding pass
Add your pass to Apple Wallet for easy offline access
View the seatmap and have the option to pay for a seat during check-in

Check the status of any Fiji Airways flight
Simply search by origin and destination or flight number

‘My Trips’ shows all upcoming and past trips in one neat location, allowing you to stay organised and in control
Click on a trip for a summary of the most important information at a glance

Real-time personalised push notifications keep you up to date and in the know
Receive relevant offers and special deals
Be the first to hear of any updates to your flight such as gate changes, delays or cancellations

The app is available in multiple languages; English, Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese

We look forward to seeing you soon onboard the National Airline of Fiji and welcoming you to a place where culture reaches you at 30,000 feet. Where people are renowned for their hospitality and care for you genuinely. Where you feel you've known us for a lifetime, and you're treated as one of the family and not just a tourist.

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