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Издатель: Loyalty Pacific Pty Ltd
Цена: Бесплатно
Совместимость: iPhone

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Описание приложения

Are you ready to achieve your personal points best? The flybuys app makes it easier than ever to pump up your points and get rewarded for everyday purchases. You could be redeeming rewards in no time!

Never miss out on your personalised offers again! To get activating, just tap-tap-tap in the app, complete the required shop and scan your card at the checkout.

Instead of receiving paper statements and coupons in the mail, you can see them in the app. Simply opt in to My Boosters in the app and hit activate – no need to scan a barcode.

Redeeming your points into flybuys Dollars couldn’t be easier. Simply tap in the app to redeem your points into flybuys Dollars to spend in store at selected partners.

Keeping an eye on your personal points progress just got easier. Open the flybuys app anytime to instantly see how you’re tracking. Every day can be a new personal best!

Open up the flybuys app at selected stores, scan your digital card at the checkout you’ll automatically collect points on your shop.

The app makes it easier than ever to join flybuys. Just download the app, follow the prompts and in 3 simple steps you’ll be redeeming rewards in no time.

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2401 оценки

Barcode widget stopped working

The Flybuys barcode widget stopped working in iOS 14.Reinstalling the app doesn’t fix it. Now would be a great time to update the app using Apple Wallet the way your competitors have! Thank you.

12 Янв 2021 г.


This app was great when the widget worked. Now it doesn't show my card and so I need to find and open the app every time, and hope I haven't been logged out again. Between this and no wallet functionality, I've had to go back to carrying my card.

12 Янв 2021 г.

Widget Fault - no Apple Wallet interface

As per to all the previous comments/reviews - lengthy duration to open the app and have it ready for scanning. Used to use the widget, but now all it says is “unable to load”, so usually have to get the barcode via app prior to entering store (due to almost no reception in store). Still no advancement on Apple Wallet interface (as per to main competitor’s reward interface which is basically seamless when I use it, and the best thing is that I don’t have to even worry about choosing it as it selects it automatically when at the registers)

12 Янв 2021 г.

Truly awful

This is a poorly designed, frustrating app.1) It looks like it was made by five year olds. Unattractive, clunky and disorganised, even the fonts look unprofessional (mirrored by an equally unattractive FlyBuys website). This results in a poor UX. Look at your competitor’s app for comparison - it looks like it’s been designed by actual adult professionals.2) It logs you off constantly! When I’m standing in the queue at Coles, I can’t recall my password. I then go away and try to reset the password, but it asks for my member number, so I need to dig up the physical FlyBuys card, except the reason I use the app is so I don’t have to carry that card.3) As everyone second commenter here has said for the past year and a half, PLEASE INTEGRATE WITH THE APPLE WALLET! This works nearly faultlessly at Woolworths, and has done since **** the 2nd of November, 2017 ****. That’s right, Woolworths has done this for 1,100+ days, but you still can’t manage to get it done. Why? Most galling is you then appear to lie to commenters here by continuing to say for months on end…”it’s on the way guys!!!!”. Where is it? At least set a date. 4) To add insult to injury, the “Widget”, i.e. your **weak** workaround to not having Apple Wallet compatibility, now does not even work. I’ve tried logging off the app, I’ve tried removing and re-adding the Widget. Still doesn’t work. I do not hold out hope of a you getting Wallet working, if you can’t even make a basic widget work. Coles needs to look at outsourcing this app to a business who actually knows what they’re doing, because at the moment, Loyalty Pacific are really phoning it in.Looking forward to the cut and paste “Developer Response”.

13 Янв 2021 г.

Widget Broken

Widget is broken, unable to load error!

13 Янв 2021 г.

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