Footy Run

Издатель: Brenton Male
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Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Описание приложения


A twelve minute running program designed using real Australian Rules Football running patterns, Footy Run allows you to train anywhere, anytime, from the Junior to Masters Footballer.


Head to your local Basketball court, Football field or park. Connect your speaker or put in your earphones. Select the Footy Run program that best suits your level. Follow the voice commands (walk, jog, push, sprint) as you hear them and modify your speed accordingly as you run. The best environment for Footy Run is a Basketball court or centre square, as the constant turning best simulates the changes of direction experienced in a match.


Each Footy Run program has been specifically designed using real scenarios that are experienced during an Australian Rules Football match. Scenarios such as attacking the ball at a stoppage, jogging to reposition, then sprinting to receive a handball, only to be tackled and there be another ball up are simulated by sprinting for 6 seconds, jogging for 3 seconds, sprinting for 5 seconds, then walking for 11 seconds. Add in the constant changes of direction when completing the run on a Basketball court or centre square, and you can see how Footy Run stands out amongst the pack. You will be training like it’s gameday!


Are you a coach looking to enhance the Football specific fitness of your entire squad? Great, Footy Run is perfect for you! Set up your Bluetooth speaker and have your team run back and forth across the centre square.

Maybe you’re a player looking to find an edge and take your game to the next level? Fantastic! You can complete Footy Run on your local Basketball court, Football field or park. Complete it on your own, or even better with a team mate to help push each other.

Perhaps you are a retired player looking to get back into the shape you were during your playing days. Footy Run also caters for you in our Masters program, and takes into account your specific requirements.



A short and sharp session to test yourself or your team. Footy Run Express compresses the best aspects of the other programs into one short six minute session.


Designed with the Junior Footballer in mind. Footy Run Junior allows for increased recovery periods while keeping the realism of running patterns present. A great introduction for the youth player.


Based on real Australian Rules running patterns, with a bit extra toughness added in. Think repeat efforts at stoppages, long ranging leads into second efforts, chasing an opponent down the wing. Footy Run Senior incorporates all of these components plus more into one twelve minute session.


Recently retired and looking to regain your fitness from the old days, or still running around playing Masters and looking for that edge? Footy Run Masters takes your age and needs into account whilst still incorporating the realism of Aussie Rules running patterns.

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