i Sail GPS NZ–NZMariner Charts

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Описание приложения

Your iPhone or iPad becomes a high-performance GPS receiver with NZ Mariner Nautical Charts, even where there is no cell signal!

On the water in a bad storm and your chart plotter just failed? Download this app now. Better yet, buy iSailGPS NZ today so you will already have it if you find yourself in this situation, even in an area with no cell service.


Record a track. View it on the chart & in a speed graph. Record in the background. View date & time of track points.

Mark waypoints by their position on a chart, by tapping a geotagged photo, by projecting from a known point, or by searching place names. Refine a waypoint position when you arrive.

Set a quick GoTo waypoint or a full route and see the course (COG), heading (HDG), bearing (BRG), direction, distance, cross track error (XTE), Velocity Made Good (VMG) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at your destination and intermediate points.

Man Overboard. With one button push, mark your current position & start navigating to it.

Routes can be built and edited starting with waypoints or a recorded track.

Import & Export GPX & KML waypoint, route & track files via eMail, Messages, Copy To, AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or iTunes.

Send KML files to display immediately in Google Earth.


No extra charge for access to all LINZ NZ Mariner Raster Nautical Charts, with no sign up, no subscription, no in-app purchase required. Download using WiFi or cell service. Charts from our server have a shorter download time and use less of your monthly data allotment.

Store a few charts or charts for the whole country to use anytime at sea without cell service.

Switches automatically between downloaded charts as you sail. Choose detailed or overview charts.

Stitches Mercator charts for seamless coverage across chart boundaries.

Enjoy the high resolution and what's-all-around detail of the NZMariner Raster Nautical Charts (RNC). They are a welcome advantage over Vector Charts, which only show a coastline, depths, navigation aids, and minimal details.

Print and Share chart images overlaid with waypoints, routes & tracks.

Measure distance between any two points.


Kilometers, Miles, or Nautical Miles. Meters or Feet.

Degrees, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, UTM, or NZTM2000 grid.

°True or °Magnetic.


Tap Help in the app.

Online Manual on iSailGPS.com/nz

Email developer: lwjames@isailgps.com


The Land Information New Zealand raster nautical charts in iSailGPS NZ differ from computer-drawn vector charts in that each chart covers a specific area, the same way a paper nautical chart does. Switches automatically to a new chart when your boat leaves the area covered by the previous chart. For many locations, there are multiple charts at different scales with different levels of detail & areas of coverage.

Paper charts can contain multiple panels, each showing a different area or scale. Each digital panel is individually displayed by iSailGPS NZ with a north-up orientation.

iSail GPS NZ is priced to make it readily available to all boating enthusiasts.

DEVICE REQUIREMENTS for this version

No device requires a cellular data plan to use iSail GPS NZ.

iPhone 4S or later, and all WiFi+cellular iPads (iPad 2 or later) support full navigation.

iPad 2 or later with WiFi-only, and iPod touch (5th gen or later) require an iOS-compatible external GPS receiver to show your location on the water and to record tracks. View charts using the iOS device alone.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

You may have heard about some apps which use your location to function, but then upload that location data to a server so they can sell your location data to others. We never do that, and guarantee that we won't in our privacy policy.

Sailing becomes safer and more fun with iSail GPS NZ!

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