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+ This page shows all latest SPSS course. The course will be update frequently. Contents come from our server. No need to update your app for fresh content. Make sure to check frequently for content update
+ Each course have tutorial, case study, instruction, data (spreadsheet, word, and SPSS input), and output (spreadsheet, word, PDF and SPSS output)
+ You can download and mail data and output
+ Bookmark course for offline access
+ Search SPSS course. Content is searchable

Contain more than 85 video courses.
+ Basic Statistics and Math: Exclamation Mark and Combinations,Summation Sign,Mean Median Mode,Measurement Levels,Population vs Sample,What is the Standard Deviation,Calculate Standard Deviation of Sample,Calculate Standard Deviation of Population
+ Correlation,What is Correlation,Calculate Correlation,Calculate Covariance,Calculate Covariance of Population,Covariance Formula,Correlation Formula,Correlation in SPSS
+ What is Regression,Regression Formula,Slope and Constant Regression
+ Linear Transformation
+ Probability Distribution Function,What is discrete PDF & CDF
+ What is Uniform Distribution,Uniform Distribution Example
+ What is Normal Distribution,Normal Distribution Z Formula,Z Distribution Table,Using Z Table To Calculate Probability,Calculate Probability Z Value (Example),Explanation of Probability Z Bigger/Less Than,Probability of Given Range,Find X Value for Given Probability,Standardized Normal Distribution Z Distribution
+ Normal Distribution of Average: Probability of Average,Central Limit Theorem
+ Binomial Formula and Example,What is Binomial Distribution
+ Confidence Interval Around Average,Hypothesis Testing Introduction,P-Value Within Hypothesis Testing,Z Distribution 1 Tailed Testing,Z Distribution 2 Tailed Testing
+ Confidence Interval for Unknown Population,Confidence Interval for Standard Deviation,F-Tables,F-Test Comparing Standard Deviations,One Sample T-Test,Dependent vs Independent Samples,Paired Dependent T-Test,Independent T-Test,T-Distribution for Unknown Population,T-Test and Chi-Square Distribution
+ Basic SPSS: Window Interface,Variable View and Its Options,Syntax Advantages and How to Use It,Check Data For Errors
+ Distributions,Excel Formulas
+ What is Normality,How To Check Normality,What are Outliers and Why Should be Taken Care,Box Plot and Outlier,SPSS Box Plot and Outlier
+ Dummy Variables,Dummy Variables Within Regression and Exercise,How to create Dummy Variables,SPSS Multiple Regression
+ ANOVA: comparing more means,ANOVA Repeated Measures,ANOVA Contrasts: test specific means against each other,ANOVA post hoc tests Where are the actual differences,Two Way ANOVA,Two Way ANOVA: What is an Interaction Effect,ANCOVA: Combination of Regression and ANOVA,Reliability analysis,Reliability analysis in SPSS,Subset of the regression model significant Partial F test

+ Complete and up to date SPSS documentation/manual
+ Search SPSS documentation/manual
+ Documentation content is searchable
+ Auto download SPSS documentation directly from the source as pdf and you can view it with in-app pdf viewer
+ Bookmark documentation for offline access
+ ZoomIn/ZoomOut
+ Complete SPSS documentation for different environment:
++ Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese
++ Desktop Operating System: Linux, Mac, Windows
++ SPSS Version: from v15 to latest version
++ Server Operating System: Unix, Windows
++ Manuals and Installation Documents
++ Documentation for developer and end user

+ Change text size, font, and theme. We have 4 themes (light, night, sepia, grey)
+ Syntax highlighting for SPSS command and output
+ Horizontal scroll for table, code block, and output block so that the content remain tidy

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