LxMeter - Lux Meter, Light Meter

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Совместимость: iPhone & iPad

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Рейтинг загрузок - iOS - Россия
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Описание приложения

Turn your iOS device (with built-in iSight camera) into a cool looking exposure meter.

This unique and branded App uses the flat and friendly design style, provides a simple way of measuring lighting levels of various lighting scenarios. Dynamic information is shown on screen as light levels change.

The App can be set to display foot candles and it will allow users to get an insight of different levels of lighting and measure the amount of light received on a surface which is expressed in Lux (1m/2m).

It may provide the comprehensive careful light condition information for yours life and the physical and moral integrity. Has it, uses it, you can obtain benefits a great deal!

[Operating Introduction]
@1. After the App starts, immediately carries on light detecting.
@2. Tap on the center of digital dial, detecting will be stopped. Tap again, detecting restart.
@3. Click the top LOGO, switch the iSight camera. Best results are achieved with this light meter by using it on the even surface of your working space as illustrated below. If your device does not feature a front camera, you can use the rear camera.
@4. Different international standard uses different calibration parameter, you can slide dial to change the calibration parameter.
@5. In some cases the measurement can be deceptive due to improper settings resulting from the camera’s autofocus.
@6. To get a feel for how the app performs, try moving your iPhone/iPad around while measuring and review the results. Pay particular attention to exactly what the camera lens is pointing at, and how this affects the reading.

@@ You can use a known reference light source, to get a matching calibration parameter. Then, using this calibration parameter to measure other forms of light environment, the accuracy will be improved.

Unit: Lux (lx) = 1lumen / sq. meter.

[Common Values]
30k – 130k ~~ Direct Sunlight
5000~~~~~~ Winter Day – Overcast
1000~~~~~~Overcast dark day
1000~~~~~~TV Studio Lighting
400~~~~~~~Sunrise or Sunset Bright Office
1~~~~~~~~Deep Twilight
0.1~~~~~~~Full Moon

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